Coop - Siege Breakers

Please share any stories, feedback or screencaps from Siege Breakers here! GGWP! <3

Nice mission !

I just want pin point couple of today’s problems.

At the beginning we had huge problem to form a stagerred collumn, from some reason, I think it could be,by the pace yellow team set while red was moving in faster pace, so it was not working.

Flashlights - there is thing - we could get some Maglites or the other flashlight type for the night missions, especially when the gun mounted are pretty usefull even with NVGs (or at least TLs could get some).

It s nice to get somebody on point, but it is needed to remember that only AAR has a GPS after a TL.

Buddies - it s TL and AT and AAR and AR automatically. We ussually do not care about this as it can lead to micromanaging the team and more work for TL and it can be stressfull.
If there is person in a buddy team, which runs there and back - checking "angles" or "areas" it can be pretty frustrating for the AR to simply stick to the buddy as MG is better be set than running around fallowing buddy which does his work. (especially if player is used a lot on "counter strike" style speed game)

Teams in squad should actually move somehow like in chess game - they cover each other too, not just cleaning.

When some team needs help from the other, it should be exploited if it is possible, even when the teams are far away yet from each other.

Contact report - "contact" - "SE" - "300m" - "infantry" not an"enemies".

Resupplies - I love the script but Im not sure if it has more downsides than upsides, as the problems are very offen.

Im sorry for the FF, but to be in middle of nothing without concealment or cover is an AI style and should be avoided. "Dance" was not working as bullets were yet on way. The uniform thing is not working for my screen I have. Im not able to recognize uniforms on 300 meters.

Another thing, maybe, is - we could use Alfa and Bravo and actually see markers on map which could help to see where the squads, in this case just small one, are.

Mission itself was nice. There was difficult acces, in first objective, over the stairs, in PVP it would be suicide to go this way. Other objectives very nice and had a good time :thumb:

Other thing, offtopic - do not forget "vote for us" on the Arma clans. Even when we are not paiyng for it anymore, smarter/more skilled players look for the couple of first unpaid teams too as they know the system.


It was a fun op for me even though I died twice and missed the first part of the mission and the second half of the second objective and my headset messed up my audio towards the end so I couldn’t hear in game sounds like gun fire but that’s my fault for being clumsy anyway, I did find. The last objective to be the most interesting part for me and the most intense as the enemy ai new more or less where we were and you didn’t know what buildings they were going to be in, so yea great mission all round jash.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first mission with everyone! Thank you, Jash. The mission was intense and everyone worked together to achieve the mission goal. I’ve got a few things to improve upon (Push to Talk issues lol) but definitely a good start!. Big thanks to Jacop for guiding me and helping me with any issues during the mission & Thanks to Shails for bringing me back to life x3 times and giving me all the drugs in the world! :LOL: :sunglasses: