Coop - Serious Talk

Sorry for the late post guys!

Any feedbacl/videos about this one?

If you feel like giving it in answer form:

  • Did you like the setting and atmosphere?
  • Did Johnny help with the immersion, what was your overall opinion about such a VIP in a mission?
  • Was the amount of enemies good?
  • Did the enemy move naturally, or did you feel sometimes it really was altered?
  • Any techical difficulties relating to the new update in this mission? (I’ve got plenty of mine myself)


  1. Enjoyed the setting/atmosphere

  2. He did a great job. Complaining that he’s going to be late to the meeting. Telling us we weren’t doing our job that well, etc.

  3. There was kind of a jump in difficulty when we hit the main road (when we ran into the roadblock) but you just spawned in some extra enemies to make sure we wouldn’t finish the mission in like an hour or something like that. but it we were able to handle it pretty well.

  4. Didn’t really pay attention to that.

  5. I noticed some "small" glitches.
    -every now and then someone flew up like 2-3 metres and then kept walking like nothing happened
    -there was a moment were i was aiming my launcher at a tank (i think Dachi told me to do it) and i was glitching through a rock (bouncing up and down on the rock) and it almost killed me.