Coop - Santa's Soldiers

Hey guys!

Thanks for anyone who joined the last night!

Please leave some feedback on the mission,
good things and bad things!

I noticed I fckd up a bit with 2 out of 5 songs (chipmunk bug), sorry for that!

My screenshots:

Have a great holiday guys, merry christmas and a happy new year!!

^ Santa’s little helper


more to come

There was a really good balance between sillyness and serious which ended up in a really fun mission. Santa made me cry laughing a few times, the sleighs were awesome, I couldn’t have hoped for a better christmas transport :smiley:
Thanks a lot for the work you put into this man !

I asked Santa about some of the crashy type technical problems the sleighs were having and he explained that they were due to us not believing in the magic of Christmas enough… Shame on us. Also the multi coloured lights in the sky leading us to objectives were magic.