Coop: Run Through The Jungle Again

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Friendly fire is to be expected in a jungle with no radios
When yellow shot whomever we did, you were walking on exactly the same spot as we just spotted and killed a enemy. You did not announce you were approaching us. None is to blame here, instead of saying watch blue on blue.
Keep up comms when jumping out of bushes.

Another thing, CQB is terrible in this game and I keep saying this, armor values on enemies are somehow very high and they have to take 2 to 3 shots to kill. And also, and I tested this, clearing buildings pretty much comes down to sheer luck now. If the enemy is looking at you. You are dead.
None is to blame on how many casualties we had there.

What we can blame on ourselves is grenade throwing. Maybe we need to create a quick video on how to properly throw and aim grenades? (I also killed myself because of it…)

I do not think the op went well just judging on the amount of deaths/unconcious members. I don’t know if it was to many AI or armor values.
Good job otherwise. Good RP Dusty!

I dont know if I should be salty or not about the friendly fire which hit me.
I was not at the same location as the enemy but at the same time I was in the same line of fire as the enemy, thats for sure. But I had also been at that location for quite a while at that point and I was in the open. Seriously… Out in the fucking open, no bush nearby on a hill watching our backs (this is a 100% fact cause I felt so exposed there).

Getting friendly fired, sure. Can accept it. but then again, I went down and laid there unconscious for a bit. Heard more bullets land near me and then after a bit the double tap hit me. That’s what I do feel "most" salty about as there was no direct danger and plenty of time to check what was actually shot.

Story time, because I loved this op

Aside from my stint as Dark Horse last Friday this was my first time playing outside of Alpha and I definitely enjoyed it. It started a bit slow for me since as ammo bearer I was mostly there to provide security (which wasn’t needed in hindsight since we were doing the flanking and weren’t being counter-flanked on MMG positions), carry extra ammo for Skippy or pick up his gun when he died. Fortunately Alpha got themselves royally fucked by a Hind so we had to go in close and MMG could save the day by destroying the Hind and pretty much clearing the rest of the objective.
As we started moving for objective 2 Skippy’s internet cut out which meant I could pick up his big gun so when he came back we had 2! (was a km walk back to swap weapons back at that point). On objective 2 I think MMG again served its purpose clearing the streets west of the building so Alpha could move in. Unfortunately in the maze that was this building I lost my comrades and at the end it was just me. Just after this the helo with reinforcements arrives and got shot at a lot from the balconies, so I decided to push up myself through the building to see if I could get a better vantage, this went well until I got shot and went unconscious on the balcony/room of death. This room 9 people went in and only 2 came out alive.

-On the topic of that room, I disagree with Shiny that noone is to blame for the amount of casualties we took. While I was unconscious on the balcony, 8 other people entered after me and all got themselves shot with only 1 survivor (sure 2-3 of them was in the doorway to the next hallway but that counts). This was I think for 3 reasons:

  1. We were pinned in crossfire from guys on the adjacent balconies/windows, which caused a lot of confusion and killed several people.
  2. We didn’t use grenades. A lot of people were very keen to thrown grenades from outside into windows/on balconies, but I think only very few people actually used them inside when clearing rooms. Especially when you have a pile of friendly corpes ahead of you in a dooropening, try throwing in a nade. You know the enemies will be trained on that spot (as players would be as well) so you have to get them another way than literally throwing bodies at them (which as it turns out, doesnt work). There were plenty of nades around as well on friendly and enemy corpses in the building.
  3. We were 5 minutes left off a reinsert. Idk how much duration until reinsert influences people’s decisions on which risks are acceptable to take. I know me pushing ahead in the building alone wouldn’t have happened if it were 22:05, but I still don’t have a death wish at 21:55. Even when im heavily wounded and could be a drain on the medic (as I was a couple ops ago in Skippy’s tunnel mission) I’ll fight to live unless I’m hopelessly (pinned down) unconscious at 21:59. In any case I don’t think we should try to wave-assault an objective at 21:55 while we still have other options open to us.

Anyways, after that me, Shails and a very wounded Seb were waiting on reinforcements and once they got there MMG split of again, this time to "scout". I think we did a very good job lining up and annihalating the patrol around it. Unfortunately after that we did something real stupid and just tried walking in without keeping security, which resulted in us getting flanked by 1 guy who got us all killed/imprisoned. Being imprisoned was fun, though being at the mercy of a genocidal Russian dressed like a stormtrooper was quite unnerving. So I did the sensible thing and tried to appease him, while Churizo was just asking to get shot (and he did). Then instead of negotiating with the nice Russian who was just trying to get out alive you shot me to get me out of the way before you brutally murdered him and peppered his body with another couple of mags before you tended to me.

Was hit by friendly nade 3x.

There should be standard call out like during AT use:

  • "Preparing nade !" (take cover) (so everybody know that - ppl are not watching wat are you doing)
  • Look around yourself, if is everybody safe and friendlies are not at the spot, where you are throwing. Some materials can be penetrated by the shrapnels, so bear it in mind.
  • "Nade Out South West !"
  • If the throw is not good enough - "Bad Nade !" (count with the shrapnels too !)

BTW very nice mission ! Like the map too.

I actually forgot the best part, where me and Churizo were both unconscious from the guy that shot is from behind. He first tended to me, took my gun & radio, ziptied me and patched me up. Then he went on to Churizo but forgot to take his gun, so when Churizo became conscious again he shot the guy while he was ziptying Churizo. After that me and Churizo stood there ziptied for about a minute with a dead Russian corpse at his feet before the next one showed up. (I wish you could still move while ziptied cuz I really wanted to run for it into that jungle.)

Fun mission Dusty, hope to see more ops with limitations on our standard kit…


Point 1. There was 1 AI who shot everyone through the wall. Arma things right. Nothing we can do. Dusty in base said he would tp us back in but that is against the rules. He removed the AI that was shooting through the wall.
Point 2. All grenades were used trying to throw them on the balconies above.
Point 3. I don’t think anyone has that mentality.

To Shails,
My feedback was towards Flo. As I knew he was talking about his specific situation and I saw him at the exact same location as the guy we shot. You can see this in CNTR. You can see the little red dot exactly underneath where Flo is standing. And if you look back you see it as well.
I also see you getting shot. Having no radio’s is a bitch. The guys that were shooting could have known you were there but I think in the heat of the moment with multiple engagements this must’ve slipped coms or was never communicated.
I am sorry that happened.