Coop - Routine Patrol Take 2

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Loved this mission!

It’s the kind of missions you start easy and cool. You manage to keep calm and play like a pro and once shit hits the fan everything is just very intense. Really enjoyed it (normally don’t like being in convoy).

Really sorry if i (T)killed someone on the, i still don’t think it was me unless friendly where on the hill(top) to the NE.

Anyway… please give us another routine patrol mission like this (but longer)

Sry John … you … you died by my Hand ( I hope you forgive me!!!

I also liked the mission, the convoy part can seem a bit boring but it makes engagements all the more significant.
The training was great, I learned things & it was carried out at a good pace.

I liked the mission as well. Unfortunately I missed almost the entirety of the training but the missions itself was sure interesting, simulating a "normal day" of operations from a unit is immersive and as it turned out, it can be challenging.

Totally agree! Thanks for the great mission.

Looking at CNTR the training phase looked so good well done everyone loved the first contact that you had to fight through got in cover and destroyed them NOICE!!!

P.S. I will try and do more stuff like this me and Berenton have a little campaign around this sort of stuff going on.