Coop - Rogue Patriot

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  • SL have two long range radios.
  • DMT have no long range radio.
  • DMT have no Hunt IR.
  • Swap out vectors for SF factions for vector nite’s.

Updates to loadouts made although all elements with a vector had the Nite varient so no idea how you did not have the correct version whoever you were.

Hey, this is not an issue tracker! :slight_smile:

Mission was great. We however were not at the level required. We should practice more, more discipline, get our heads down and do the training.

CQB in the tunnels was chaotic, we were bunched up a lot. Like really a lot. Positioning within the hallway, think we don’t know where to stand, what to cover. Hard for team leader or squad leader to lead like that cos it’s details and split seconds. It’s hard, of course. But we can do it. If we want.

Gallery Link check it out some nice screenshots in there Gallery - Carpe Noctem

Really like this one

Very good mission, had fun. The tunnels were great and thank you for the work on it ! The second objective was nice surprise. Liked that we had to use the flashlights instead of NVs.

  • just there were the thing with the wooden walls - as the AI simply can shoot throught it, like throught doors, so some concrete made solves it (if it was not intention)
  • we should have some recon training (it takes a lot of discipline to stay prone most of the time and just use the "Alt" to move only head and not body (as AI detects moving players 300% better than frozen one), but it help to decrease detection on 20 meters close (if it is not totally obvious) on AI or even in PvPs) if the patrols are not in combat mode yet. The night maybe tend to false perception that the enemy can not see us bc is dark and it leads to non-recon behavior/pace.

Liked the mission, agree that there is room for improvement especially on the communication side (can’t tell if ACRE has issues or it’s jusf us) but overall I had fun. Thanks for putting up the mission!

Can’t say I liked the mission very much. It is obvious that Dachi put a lot of world into it, that’s really cool (especially the tunnels). However:

  • I personally dislike night missions with NVGs. The limited field of view and greenish tone is frustrating. It would be ok if it was really immersive but sadly it isnt. I’d really like to see a night (or dark) mission with only flashlights and flares.
  • I think infiltration and stealth missions are not really suited for Arma. I don’t really know how to express it but it feels a bit weird … I personnaly can’t remember a mission were our cover wasn’t blown early.
  • This mission may have been better with fewer numbers, especially in the tunnels.
  • I did not participate in the last part of the mission because I was teamkilled on the way to the mountain. Friendly fire is already frustrating but if it happens when we are just walking towards an objective, which is 2 kilometers away, it is even more so. I’d like to remind everyone to PID and think twice before shooting.

From my brief time in the mission and from what I heard happened next, I would like to thank Dachi for the potentially unintentional story details that were present on the mission and that I picked up on, but like a trained Arma monkey didn’t relay or put importance to.

Like the missiles that were, from the very start, raised up and ready for launch, with engines "smoking". This should have been our clue to abandon any plan involving infiltration and explosives as, if we were discovered, there would not be enough time for a bombing run even if the Greyhawk drone was on loiter nearby as it would still take at least a minute for the bombs to hit and the missiles were launched "in a few seconds" from what I heard which is a reasonable expectation given the state the launchers were in.

So, really, the only valid strategy was to bomb the missiles from high up and then try to save some of the hostages if any were left alive. I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together between trying to make the Darter behave and being away from PLT lead.