Coop - Road to Victory (LyO)

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Really disliked the mission. Can’t say what made it so bad for me exactly, as MAT literally saw a total of 3-4 enemies the whole mission. MAT got left so far behind the lines I literally started playing hearthstone. I can’t really recall when was the last time, if ever, I was so disappointed with attending a CNTO mission.

The turnout was really great but I felt the mission overall was underwhelming. We attacked IRON…sorry, everyone else apart from MAT attacked IRON aaaand then we waited for about half an hour. We then proceeded to attack the artillery position, took that really fast. Theeeen we waited another half an hour? What were we waiting for, we had more than enough to take the whole map in a single swoop. So that’s that for the command part.

The mission was also lacking enemies in my oppinion. We were almost double the number we usually see, and we encountered 3 (?) armored vehicles and a bunch of guys on foot? I don’t know, it felt really slow and for no apparent reason. The threat simply wasn’t there, I wanted to just drop out so bad…

All in all I think Zjosua tried his best, it was a combination of too many of us + too little of them + too slow command that really ruined it for me.

The mission was pretty solid, even though we moved a quite slowly. There is a good reason for that of course: we expected a fuckton more enemies than we actually got due to massive attendance! This, naturally, was reflected in a wisely careful approach by Dachi and Zcribe. I hope recruits don’t get bored because that was absolutely the proper way to proceed in the face of the unknown. Since I’m not a mission maker I don’t try to imagine why Zjosua didn’t place more enemies during the mission, but I’d like to hear his reasoning. since I’m sure we were able to take on much more, even survive decisive flanking.

As for Alex’s remark, MAT was supposed to be more mobile according to my plan, staying on the flank facing the main road. Hopefully everybody understands that a loss of PTL can lead to significant confusion.

Regarding Dagger’s repeated misfortune, I am convinced that we should do extensive testing on all maps we use and mark them as either vehicle-friendly or not. This would allow the mission makers to adapt their missions accordingly. Next mission will have no vehicles as long as I get to lead again.

Overall, this was maybe the first time ever I felt we had enough power to confidently carry out our plans and was therefore really awesome. Hopefully we’ll repeat such amazing attendance soon :slight_smile:

I did Like this mission like all campaign. Few times got under fire or was close but luckily did not got shot. We were this time in greate numbers and there was not enough enemi Groups to encounter maybe, but on the other side was nice to survive all the mission instead of dying, which is always greate. I too rather prefer more smaller enemy patrols than less big ones as it is possible to get away from this firefights without casualities. I have feeling like we did 2 times wait very long time to move, but maybe it was becouse we needed (in the second compound with one entrance and when we were in the compound with bunkers where we did resupply), i do not know. MAT maybe had no work bc there were 32 ppl so there could be probably 6 teams with AT rifleman. Maybe it would be next time better to do from MAT only onother team, if will be hight attendance like today (?). (just idea). And I think that 3 vehicles are quite enough us it can wipe out all team in seconds if they spot you first or missfire. I do have really big respect for armour. (especially from last time mission :))

I loved the base setup of the mission. Simple and solveable. No gimmicks or show.

I think it’s something you have to accept that when you choose the MAT team it almost works like a medic. You have to stay a little bit back so you are not dead when you are needed. I still agree with Alex that some parts got quite a lot more boring than what was needed. Especially the wait at objective Gold. I don’t know if there were any problems on commands end, but it just shouldn’t take that long to get moving even when waiting for reinsertion and rearming.

I strongly suggest that as platoon command you use your sergeant to setup the plan for the next objective as you are taking the first one. This saves you time so you can focus on the current fighting and when that’s done, you have a full plan which you can then tweek a bit if it suits you. Then you’re ready to go again in just 5 min or less.

To comment a little on the amount of enemies I think the amount of armour was perfect for a balanced armour and infantry type enemy. There could have been a little more infantry to fight, but I wasn’t in the main attacks so it might have been fine.

Anyways lovely mission style, but I hate the map :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to the next one Zjosua :wink:

Cool mission, I enjoyed it even if I felt safe most of the times (maybe due to the amount of friendly forces on the field). The only thing I would like to add is about friendly fire since it happened twice yesterday: it happens, I believe it happened to most of us to just shoot instead of PID the target because we felt threatened, maybe the leading elements (SL and FTL) should pass information down the ranks about friendly units in the near area, for instance when approaching a town if the other squad is already close to it inform everyone about their movement plans so that people who don’t look at the map every minute know not to shoot them. Of course this is not always enough to prevent friendly fire but I’m sure it would help.

Thanks for the mission Zjosua, I’m loving this campaign! And thanks to my team and everybody else for joining, we rocked.

This campaign has given me some mixed feelings, most of the time the operations were action-packed and really fun, however these moments sometimes gave way for 2 hours of clearing empty houses or 45 mins of waiting for a resupply.
Most of these issues might just be me getting unlucky or something like that.

Regarding yesterday’s mission I felt that maybe there weren’t enough enemies for the numbers we had. I do understand that if there were more enemies we might have taken longer to complete it and we would have been over time.

If I can give one remark on the command, try to make sure that all elements get a certain level of action even if it is an inconvenience, Alpha squad was the element that got most of the action while Bravo squad spent most of the time sitting on a hill looking pretty. Not just talking about this operation but I have seen this happen during other missions aswell.
Given having fun has to always be our "primary objective" we should maybe alternate the surpressing/assaulting elements (whether that element is a squad or a fireteam) if the circumstances allow it.

Would also like to thank everyone for playing and attending! And of course Zjosua for making this amazing campaign!

I didn’t attend so can’t really comment but I will anyway… I always have fun, even in missions where I do not fire a single shot, and there have been a few, mainy because of the banter. Sometimes things can be a bit slow paced, and it can be frustrating when you are stationary for a long time or taking a back seat to the real battle, but with good company, and movement it’s a lot of fun, even if you don’t get shot at or shoot at people.

It’s not that I didn’t get to shoot or got shot by people. I’ve had plently of missions where I barely saw anyone. It was a combination of not seeing anyone, taking objectives in a matter of minutes and then holding in the same place for 30+ minutes. The thing was there were really a lot of us. We had DMT, MAT, Dagger, 2 full squads and platoon. I know for the frontliners it must have been intense but for example, the last point we took was in less than 5 minutes. We literally camped half an hour, then moved to the last objective for 10 minutes than just overwhelm the enemies in 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat for all 3 objectives. At the second objective we spent about 40 (?) minutes defending it. Defending it from…what exactly? There was a fireteam that attempted an attack but just immagine 30+ people shooting at some skylining fireteam. Instant death for them. Then I guess we waited for the reinforcements? But to wait that long for reinforcements was a bit too much in my oppinion. We were even joking around, our element could have all rushed at the enemy, died and we would have had enough time to get back before platoon decided to attack.

As I said it was a combination of little threat, too many of us and slow command.

Sorry you didn’t enjoy it, but in defense of mission maker team, recently there have been less and less people in missions, and this sudden surge of people has meant that missions optimized for less people than normal have become the new normal. Zeus however could have spawned more units to better balance the emmergent mission.

My greatest contribution to the success of the operation.


Whenever I am just a guy with a rifle scanning the jungle I feel exactly the same. However, as soon as I am in charge of anything I have a new appreciation of the problems of commanding. On a typical operation you are talking to HQ and element leaders simultaneously organizing reinforcements moving in, bringing in resupply, planning the next attack, responding to enemy skirmishing on your forces, being harassed by enemy artillery/mortar attacks and dealing with requests and taking suggestions. Even with lots of delegation it requires a whole lot of calm and unfortunately every little request and communication will pile up and slow you down. Plus you have the constant fear that if you send a element off to scout/recon ahead on their own they will all end up dead and blaming you.

Still doesn’t stop me wishing things would go faster. I think this series of missions has been great except for one thing the intel in the OPFORD could be more orientated towards likely enemy behaviour, patrol patterns, deployment. If the intel does not specify then any leader who wants to protect his flanks will assume every possible enemy location could be a possible enemy location. The actual mission played out just like the OPFORD suggested with enemies almost entirely inside or very near the marked positions.

However, OPFORDs might want to say something like "at the the time of mission start enemy forces are known to be based at the marked enemy locations" and "the standard enemy response is to only react to attacks on bases and their patrol vehicles which confine themselves to main roads". With that bit of info the commander is free to try and prepare ambushes in towns not known to house enemies but which have a main road running through them. The commander could try and sneak through forests and attack bases using stealth. All sorts of plans can be made that are slightly less conservative and more action packed. Naturally if the mission is designed around clearing cities and the enemy forces do take up positions all over large urban areas then the intel could say that and we can be fighting through a town. That can be just as fun any other mission.

Obvious complaint that some guys spent a lot of time scanning jungle and didn’t see much action. Plus obvious shout out to leadership for having a perfect plan and executing it so well you had a reserve of guys who had time to play hearthstone! Now that’s what I call an efficient use of forces, :shock: