Coop - River Cruise

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I really enjoyed this mission, and I am a big fan of Colombia. Sorry my itnernet crapped out so I’ll do a mini AAR here:

The objectives felt like the right sort of size for our unit rihgt up until the end, and the level of play from the Alpha at least was very good, I ended up splitting the fireteams a bit more than intended early in the mission so sorry for that.

The only thing that annoyed me was the amount of people leaving after dying, during a mass cas it’s likely the emergency reinsert will happen so it’s not a huge deal, and leaving half way through makes the job of the remaining people much more difficult.

I just want to weigh in here and say it was an awesome mission. I had to leave during the mass cas because my gf was sick, but would’ve stayed around otherwise.

I really wish we did some more planning for the objectives, but otherwise I had a great amount of fun! Thanks Dachi