COOP: Reverse Card

OPORD and Calendar Event below. Please leave feedback and any funny business you ran into in the thread.

Map: Malden
Time: 0600
Weather: Cloudy to Clear
Host: Karl
DLC required: None

The Island of Malden has been a frontline for many battles of this war but it’s now controlled by hostile forces. As it is still a vital strategic location, we have been ordered to recapture it.

To aid the invasion force, we have snuck onto the island and are to cause chaos and destruction to weaken the enemy before the main invasion.


I Situation:

Our Special Forces unit has been snuck onto the island of Malden with the help of some locals.
The hostiles have set up an artillery military base on the southern part of the island which we have been tasked with capturing and securing, to allow our specialists team to come in and use the enemy’s own artillery against them.

The target is their Airfield, which we aim to neutralize. After the artillery barrage has landed, you are to push in and ensure their air force has been neutralized.

They have other forces around the island as well, so watch out for any QRF forces from the marked locations.

Friendly Forces:

  • US Special Forces
  • PLT, A, B, C, MMG, MAT, DMT, HAT, Mortar
  • Drone on Platoon Rifleman


  • Artillery (Sky Hammer) after Artillery Base capture.

Enemy Forces:

  • Malden Island occupying forces using mostly soviet weaponry.


  • Mostly evacuated after the war broke out.

II Mission:

We are to capture the Artillery Base and hold it until our Specialist Squad who can operate the artillery can take the base over from you.

You are to then move towards the airfield to neutralize it.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

  • Capture and secure artillery base.
  • After friendly artillery barrage, move to the airfield.
  • Neutralize hostile air force on the airfield.

Movement Plan

  • At PLT’s discretion

Fire Support

  • “Sky Hammer”: Specialist Squad using hostile artillery.

Optional Tasks

  • Eliminate other surrounding bases.

IV Administration / Logistics:


Supply available at mission start and additional supplies can be brought in by the Specialist Squad and reinforcements.


  • Reinsertions will be on the hour every hour and be adhered to strictly, no deviation is allowed.
  • Reinsertions are the same for all, including vehicles teams.
  • Platoon Commander has a one time reinsertion wild card at his disposal, call this in through HQ.
  • At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in the smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
  • Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.
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Good OP, reminder to people to stay a little more serious in luls in between firefights. A bit of joking and silliness is totally okay, but not too much please.


A minor note, we had flares instead of smoked for UGLs

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One thing I forgot, big shoutout to @Ohdahh for being always on top of things! Great execution as auto rifleman buddy, you helped out a lot in managing stressful situations


It was definitely challenging