Coop - Revenge - Battle for Fallujah part 4

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Really enjoyed this op, however it took too long to get going. Part of it was due to Baegel unable to Zeus his op and us having to take Shiny’s untested/reviewed op (no ones fault here), but in all that took like 20 minutes. Then we sat around in base a while, and when we finally took off we got downed while landing to wait for the timeskip (costing another 5-10 minutes). Once we regrouped in the north of the map and the leaders were finally ready to step off it was 21:00 already and we still had 5km’s of walking to go. Fortunately we had some fun and interesting contacts on route, so I’d say only the first km of walking was wasted time, but at the time (21:00) I wasn’t very happy especially because there seemed to be hardly any plan after all that waiting.

Medicing was actually really fun this op. Afaik we only had 2 KIA’s, Clarke who got double tapped by a tank and Stoneowl (idk how that happened, didn’t see it). Even though there was lots of damage (me and red team got hit 3x by tank shrapnel, me and others in Alpha all got hit by one or multiple jet strafe runs, we got hit by one FF of Reaper and we took lots of bullet wounds) no one else died. Good medical resupply was key to this! I was down to 10 bandages at some point until Stoneowl died and I was able to take hers and then the medical resupply meant I was basically set for life. Also blood supply was good. I still think blood loss might be too low however, nobody went into critical bloodloss the whole op, and I cannot imagine many situations where anyone would take more damage/wounds than we did in that hangar.
Anyone that I was able to give full attention to was up within 2 minutes, however I often needed to split attention in that hangar, and I prioritised keeping conscious people up over waking up unconscious people (which it was fun for me but maybe not for unconscious people).

Also, good job to everyone else for not letting their buddies die to cardiac arrest while I was busy elsewhere.

Also last thing, 250 ml blood bags in the medical supply crate are useless unless you want to wait ages on medics inserting tiny amounts of blood into people. I would suggest removing them from the crates (there is more than plenty blood in these crates without those 250 ml ones, I was just handing out free blood at the end to people that didn’t need it because I had so much spare).

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Oh, that’s why you gave me a blood bag at the end of the op. I thought you just cared about me…

An interesting op. I didn’t mind us getting shot down at the beggining as with some quick Zeus thinking it could have turned into a impromptu rescue mission with survivors having to hold the fort Enigneers built and reinserts having to break through to us. Time "lost" with such a firefight could have easily been saved by Zeus instructing PLT to land the troops on a closer LZ once we got moving and manipulating air defences to allow for such an insertion.

Being an Engineer was quite interesting as this is the first time in 3+ years I’ve played as one. Abilty to quicky build fortifications was proving to be quite valuable, especially in the later parts of the op and if we would continue to take ENG into upcoming ops they could prove to be invaluable, especially with more experienced engineers. However, I do think that taking three engineers was too much when only two could do just fine. Problem was that ENG are quite limited with their ammo and being a more support oriented team they should not actively fight on the first line. Lack of numbers in other elements yesterday necessitated engineers to directly fight alongside Alpha, for which they are not really equipped. Also, ENG should not be the ones sent to clear buildings.

Supply train was lacking. About 2/3 through the op, whole ENG team had to scavange weapons from dead enemies which I really don’t like doing. At one point all three of us had AKMs, I had an RPG because we were also operating as a sort of anti-air/anti-tank element, and Blodos had a Stinger. I was nervous approaching friendly elements because we looked like hostiles and could have easily been friendly fired. Even when supply finally arrived we had to continue using AKMs because we could not find a replacement M4, altough maybe we could have asked PLT to ask some from HQ but we didn’t think of it at the time.

Major FPS drop at the end. From the point we set foot on the airstrip to the end briefing I didn’t have more then 12-13 FPS which was extremely unenjoyable.

Overall I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing alongside Seb and Blodos and would jump onto an opportunity to be part of a specialised team with them in the future. Thank you everyone who joined.

It was said in the debrief but worth bringing up again and fleshing out here. Any radar AA threat has a good chance of taking out any air asset and a very good chance to take out a helicopter, especially one that has just been asked to land (bad timing I know but I don’t think I would have survived even if I had been flying back to base). These should only be placed with the intention of complete area denial and with enemy air assets there is always the potential they will fly from where they’ve been placed to seek and destroy, effectively denying the entire map to air assets unless we have an effective counter (friendly SAM’s or a good AA fighter).

Beyond that the mission worked quite well for air assets, there was enough ground threats to keep us at arms length and stop us killing everything before infantry moved in.

As for resupply issues we dropped supplies in every time we were asked but there was a lot of indecision when we brought up that inserting supplies meant losing the CAS. About the time when we were asked to re-drop the large supply crate we were originally asked to go up as Reaper first even though I could hear Seb on platoon net saying he was black on ammo and needing to pick up enemy weapons, some prodding on my behalf got that order changed to a resupply drop, even if it was the same crate we dropped the first time (we were only given the large crate and 3 small ones, ammo, launchers and medical)