Coop: Resurgence

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Really enjoyed this opp even though it didn’t last long, had a nice drive to our first objective got out had a little walk got back in lol which that in itself is a bit different from our usual norm well at least for me anyway. When we got to the construction building which was next objective it was more serious as we took positions in the building, when the bomb went of I did lag a bit but I got the guy that was looking at me then I tried to help Skippy take out the technical that was driving towards us didn’t get it however, it did get blown up I believe by mother.

Also we only lost Churizo which didn’t affect us that much we still went with his plan and ran towards the trucks and buged out while leaving Alpha behind lol, nothing much happend after the technical followed us to base just waiting for the reminder if Alaph to return to us.

If there is improvements to be made I would say try to make it last longer by having a backup objective like say we only killed his decoy and that the real one is in his bunker/ base whatever and we have to get it done quickly before QRF catches up with us or attack a convoy with him in it. In any case I think the opp was fun and enjoyable and I like to see more from you Dachi keep up the good work.