Coop: Red Tassel

Please leave feedback. Good bad ugly :slight_smile:

Very hectic, but I had a very enjoyable experience as lead. Thank you!

This OP was challenging, I love challenges.

Good times!

none of you mfs can drive

Zeusing went well [user avatar=โ€œโ€ name=โ€œMattdogsโ€]20330489[/user], the only issues that you had should have been caught in mission review:

  1. There was no respawn marker (Sagu said that the update did that, I highly doubt that updates to Arma remove markers from a mission)
  2. The civilian module was not configured correctly and ended up pooling white civvies in random fields in Anizay.

Other than those two things everything went well, thanks for letting me RP as a crazy police man! Will love to see more.

Cheers for the mission mate, really enjoyed it and was lots of fun with my FT playing with AA.