Coop - Red Hill

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When done:


Couple of questions:

  1. How was the overall experience?
  2. Did pre-planning phase add fun to the mission?
  3. Did knowing the plan and following it add to the fun factor?
  4. Was there enough opposition?
  5. Was the landscape interesting?
  6. Any complaints or suggestions?
  7. What would you do differently in planning?

Definitely found the pre-planning useful.

For MAT it might be useful to have given us HE rounds, especially as the intel was no armour. Might be useful to have a MAT ammo crate at spawn so MAT can customise their loadout depending on the mission.

  1. Was very nice, loved the mission
  2. Depends what you define as "fun". It was awesome to have a plan beforehand so people could just put it on the map and discuss in detail and leave the base in around 15 minutes instead of 30 like usual. Don’t want to be rude but those 30 minute plans don’t always work or they sometimes feel cheap. This one worked perfect and ofc every plan breaks at some point but it was easy to get back on track with this detailed plan. Pre-planning is definetly something I wanna see for every mission.
  3. See above
  4. I guess there could have been more but it was perfect. Strategicly placed enemies are better than just a lot of enemies. Besides enforcements were placed in a way that they caused a lot of casualties at OBJ Cobalt so after cobalt I wouldn’t put more enemies than you did if I was zeus.
  5. Yes. I like the difficulties that come from more or less flat enviroment.
  6. I’m not sure if the mission was intended to end that fast or you just didn’t expect us to make it so fast. Since we took last objective pretty much 1.5 hours before the time limit it’d be nice if we got attacked by some enemy forceswhen we were still at Iron or when we were going back to base. Other than that it was great.

So it was my first time leading a squad, if anyone from alpha or any other element that had to deal with me at some point, has complains, opinions, tips etc., fire away. I think it went almost as smooth as it was possible so I’m happy.

Not much to say about the OBJ Gold as I died before we attacked(I told my team that they can open fire and that was really unnecessary. Got shot because of that and we just lost the element of surprise). The coordination before the attack was good and overall communication was great.
Cobalt was hectic. I really had no idea how the terrain looked like or where were the enemies so I was just asking my teams constantly to mark their positions when they were busy with fighting. Ryujin says I was shy on the radio around that time and it really was due to my lack of understanding what was actually happening with my guys and what do I even tell them to do. They basicly just took cobalt without me, throwing orders and… Good job I guess, shame that we lost 3 or 4 people there.
After that it went pretty smooth. Kinda lost half of my men because they went ahead to scout and I didn’t really know where they are for a moment but they did a good job, marked themselves on a map later, told me on the radio what’s up and we followed up.
At Iron we had a hold up but we just couldn’t decide to attack with those numbers. I tried to move ahead but we got shot at from like 3 places and it was just too hard to proceed so we ended up waiting for reinforcements. I guess everyone knows how it went from there. Smoke, flanks, shooty-bang-bang, friendly fire, mission over. About that friendly fire. I guess I was more calm and just understood that you are also pushing from the opposite direction(PLT and MAT) but fireteams were busy with shooting people so it ended up with some friendly fire unfortunately. To be fair it was just bad movement plan to some extend. It could’ve just been fixed with better coordination but once on training we were told to attack at around 90 degree angle when we split teams to easly avoid friendly fire. I guess Berenton(cus I believe it was his training, sorry if I’m wrong) was right. If platoon wasn’t in front of us but to our left there wouldn’t be any friendly fire(most likely).

I will just add that I really liked the communication. It wasn’t perfect and it comes both from my side and the teams side but the communication mistakes were so minor and rare that I’m really happy with it. Great job!

So there you go. Maybe will post videos soonish. now I have some hectic situation with maths teacher so gotta solve that and after that I basicly finished school so now I have sum more time for CNTO :slight_smile:

Tropical said it all.
Great mission with a well calibrated opposition: not to many enemies, not to few & most importantly, well placed on & around the objectives.
The pre-planning was a terrific addition, we all knew what we had to do so event when we lost officers, we could keep going without hesitation. Plus, as stated before, the plan was simple, clear & efficient which made it very easy to follow.

The assault on objective Gold was impressively effective. Eventhough it started with a lot of casualties while approaching the assault position, as soon as Dachi pressed us to initiate the assault & keep moving, it ran very smoothly. As Jash said (I think it was Jash), it was a lot like the assault displayed in Band of Brothers on the German artillery pieces. A truly great experience!

Hey Guys here is my 2 cents,

  1. I really enjoyed the mission overall, I would maybe have given MAT more HE rounds or the Thermo rounds for some airburst action inside the bunkers and over the top of the trenches. Action from the start to finish.
  2. I think the pre planning added a lot to the overall outcome of the mission and it was great to see others ideas that had been well thought out and using previous terrain knowledge.
  3. Can not really comment as it was my plan but I hope it added to the fun.
  4. Enemy numbers were good, If we have objectives to attack the GM needs to give us the opportunity to succeed and so the the correct placement of enemies and not having a mass of contacts on route to objectives helps achieve this.
  5. Terrain was interesting very flat and open, not many small bits of high ground to use which forces us to the riverbeds for cover. Nice difference from always using high ground.
  6. Just as mentioned in point 1.
  7. Nothing adapted it on the fly and worked, only wish I had not got shot on move into cobalt so I could have pushed as to take it more effectively.

On a whole I think the OP went well. Saying that there were a lot of occasions that comms broke down mainly to Alpha and I underatand it was Tropicals first time as SL so no dramas there it will get better. But it was this brake down that lead to the Friendly fire incident at Iron I was on both short range 1 and long range 1 and gave radio call on both that we were at the ruins and to cease fire when fire did not cease I popped green smoke and again called out that friendlies were on green smoke, eventualy the fire stopped but I got no response from anyone in Alpha neither the SL or the FTLs on short range. We then again informed Alpha we were taking the southern most barn and again recieved friendly fire. All in all a great performance all round just need to improve on comms to stop these mistakes in the future.

Oh and it was me that taught the attack training and the 90° angle for the assualting team but in this case we were both paralell to each other and Alpha had set off first so we were in essence conducting a frontal assault with Alpha on the right and Plt/MAT of the left moving up together.

Yeah I was the one who likened it to Band of Brothers (but I was referring to the assault on Cobalt). What really solidifed the impression was the blue team getting out of the trenches so they can bypass a bottleneck.

I think the mission was great. I personally saw a lot of action and most of it was heart pounding till the end. The objectives were difficult the terrain was horrifyingly flat (made our job that much harder) but in all it made for an intersting mission.

The communication issues Tropical mentioned at Cobalt were a case of low to no intel on the lead’s part at which point the team leaders took the initiative and finished the assault. While the casualties were not insignificant they were quite low considering we got surprised by the emplacements and the very difficult prospect of assaulting an entrenched position. The thing that I think is commendable is the situational awareness the assaulting teams had since despite the confusion over the radio there were no friendly fire incidents and the suppression of the bunkers stopped once the assaulting elements reached them. So I don’t fault Tropical at all since you can’t properly survey the area without endangering yourself even more, he did good later in the assault when he made sure there was no friendly fire between the teams.

The last objective was approached by a half strength team. (If I’m not mistaken Tropical, Dulabu, Freghar, Teddy and I) I kind of fucked up when we were crossing the plain to the treeline. Dulabu and I were set up when I opened fire on a technical that hasn’t spotted us yet. I was still cooling down from the assault (as I was in the thick of it) and I just kinda lost my nerve and opened fire. Luckily nobody got hurt. The last part of the assault included the remnants (the above mentioned 5) of Alpha taking pot shots and preventing flanking until the reinforcements appeared. The assault itself was GLORIOUS. At one point we were close enough to push. Both teams made a firing line, slowly advancing while keeping the entire compound suppressed.

Also one last thing regarding MAT teams and DMT. Every time we play we tend to use both sparingly, almost sheepishly, trying not to use it before it’s due and end up not using the assets at all. MAT should be in the thick of it, giving us airburst fire support (As I noticed MAT didn’t have AB rounds, so that’s something to add to the loadout for the future), taking down fortification and generally increasing our pace of assauting. While I believe in using stuff wisely, we should be careful so we don’t completely ignore them.

MAT HE rounds are airburstable. We did have some but not many. Mostly HEAT, which are still somewhat effective in small spaces.

Then I think the loadout should be changed to reflect the fact. More HE as opposed to HEAT. Since it’s not like MAT is our only AT option. So 40/40/20 % loadout of HEAT, HE and Smoke would be nice.

Also I’d propose that MAT carry extra rounds in a vehicle from the get-go so the ROE for the launcher are a bit relaxed. Nothing fancy but a 2-3 extra rounds so we don’t do the RPG potion thing where we keep stocking them up, being deathly afraid we’ll need them at a later point in the end doing the mission without firing off a single round.

[quote user_id=“1583435” avatar=“” name=“Goat”]Definitely found the pre-planning useful.

For MAT it might be useful to have given us HE rounds, especially as the intel was no armour. Might be useful to have a MAT ammo crate at spawn so MAT can customise their loadout depending on the mission.[/quote]

Honest mistake. I remember loading MAT heavy with practicly only HE and SMK rounds. Only 1 or 2 HEAT-s spread among the team. I checked the mission and indeed there were too many HEAT rounds for this mission. There was only 1 HE round. Ammo boxes had plenty of HE rounds if the loadout ones had been used. Loadout aside MAT still could’ve been much more MAT usage. I think we need to get out of the mindset of CG being only AT weapon. It is much more versitile.
Although I don’t think CG actually has thermobaric rounds even in real life.

CG in real life has whatever you fancy. :slight_smile: There’s even a canister shot which turns the CG into 84 mm shotgun :slight_smile:

What the actual fuck… Why would you need such a thing? :smiley:

Infantry formations in the open, light vehicles and hitting helicopters.

Stroking the CG and singing it lullabies as I go to sleep?