Coop - Red Hammer

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I really liked the idea of an all-armour OP, we haven’t done this before AFAIK, so some technical and gameplay issues were to be expected.

100% in favor of giving this a proper, full-op attempt though. (In a more open map, armoured combat in a dense forest kinda blows)

Really enjoyed this and would love to do it again

Yeah I get that people didn’t like the setting for armour here. You want open ground to see for miles. I will look at doing an operation desert storm style mission next month if allowed.

But be careful what you wish for :geek: open ground means nowhere to hide, enemy tanks will see you and Zeus won’t be able to control all those that have eyes on you. It could be difficult to manage as Zeus with a strong chance of the Platoon getting wiped.

I will see if there is a map that is best of both or not just completely flat.