Coop - Punta de la Espada

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Unrelated to the mission but noticed that these vests seem to clip very badly see below:

Top picture clips a lot worse than the heavy one and as you can see the light one is perfect my just be an issue with weapons lowered.

Regards to the mission:

Really great mission Jash I had a lot of fun and action.

One thing I would do because of the mission type would have been to attack a lot harder if we were static to long because of our guerrilla status.

Really good first mission Jash and good performance all round by all. Just watch the picking up of random weapons and equipment’s, seemed like some elements wanted to go Rambo and have all the gear.

Communications needs working on not a lot of passage of information but general orders were good, maybe pass on from team leaders.

Routes selected by Plt were a bit iffy to say the least but ok if safety is given up for speed as it was really not a safe route.

Firefights were really well worked though with lots of covering fire good use of smoke and accurate fire wiping out lots of AI.


Thanks for the interesting mission and good effort from platoon in a very difficult situation. It’s very tricky to be in command in normal missions let alone being a guerrilla force where we can be attacked from all sides and we do not really have any safe places to fall back to! I think I might have attacked the two last objectives from either the south or the north rather than from the hill but then the final objective was very difficult because it was down in a depression. Also sorry for the reinforcements problems with me yakking on the radio saying I did have the ammo and then I didn’t!

I’ll sum up my experience in 20 seconds.


Great Mission Jash!
For a guerilla type OP, I feel like we took out a LOT of enemies. MAT was particularly effective with their HE rounds.

After taking Fox, I feel like we should have moved away faster, especially when the 2 MAVs showed up but well, MAT destroyed them quickly so not much harm done (except for Abuk ahah).

Good job on you first PLT job [user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user], wasn’t an easy setting & I thought we did reasonably well even when we were flanked or attacked from the rear.

I also figured out why [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user], likes to play DMT so much: he just likes to run around on the map without anyone to tell him what to do!

Firstly, sorry for any little immersion breaks from me misclicking things, or teething issues with stuff like reinsertion vehicles (And a couple of people who I accidentally killed while I was trying to miss…)

Thank you all for playing! You guys did fantastically, even though it wasn’t really in a ‘guerrilla’ kind of way. Quite a few times I’d spawn something big to try and scare you guys away into the forest, and you’d just take it out no problem. The sheer number of enemies you guys managed to mow down was certainly impressive, and as the others have already said, MAT team were very effective indeed. I particularly liked the use of HEs against large clusters of enemies.

Attacking HARRIER and GECKO down the cliff-side is not the way I would have tackled it, BUT I think it turned out very successful. Scouting from the cliff allowed you guys to spot the bunkers on the hill between the objectives before it became a problem, and gave you excellent overwatch. Sadly as the mission went on, lots of players had to drop out for whatever reasons, which meant that you were perhaps a little under-equipped to make the attacks on HARRIER and GECKO. From my POV, it would have been wise to attack them one at a time, breaking contact inbetween, but obviously that would have taken much longer, and breaking contact is never a simple thing to do.

I certainly didn’t intend to make the mission easy for you guys, as I always find I’m having the most fun when the mission is tense and difficult, but achievable, and you guys mopped the floor with the ruskies until it came time for the op to end and I let loose the dogs of war.

In particular, I’d like to know what everyone thought about the movements and tactics of OPFOR, from your perspectives. Did they seem realistic, and did they pose real threats? Too easy? Too Hard?

Thanks again, Y’all!

One thing that I think makes players job easier and I think is more realistic is to have some large enemy bases that are not objectives, are a reasonable way from the objectives and are in logical places (just outside towns, near main roads and so on). When enemy forces react to attacks on objectives they would then come from those bases. Knowing where these bases are clever players can place scouts and ambush forces on likely transport routes and avenues of attack. Just enough preparation to enable a small force to escape to a safe point and get ready for the next objective.

If all the players have to go on is objectives and a vague piece of intel saying enemy patrols in the AO when the AO is everywhere… Well then we are a just a 360 blob with no way of preparing and fighting patrols and mounted enemies that could come from literally anywhere. Anyway what I am saying is intel does not have to be extensive just useful.

I did appreciate it when the enemy vehicles bought in reaction forces and they used roads and seemed to come from towns.