Coop - Power Struggle

Please add your feedback for Power Struggle here.

Well I will give my point of view from Night Bird,

The mission started nicely we inserted well the only feed back from me is because as a GM you never know how many numbers you will have on the day etc maybe place a blakhawk and a chinook to insert everyone at the same time that is of course unless you wanted to land people in smaller waves and add that type of game play.

After insertion it didn’t take long before the HELO had enough guys at base to mount the guns and we came back to fly around the power plant to support infantry call signs on the ground. We spotted a guy on the main factory roof and called it out but after some time over the area we got the call about the possible AA Titan but seconds later on the way out we took the missile hit and I went unconscious for what seemed like minutes I could hear the gunners calling my name and could see the sea coming closer luckily I woke up and although leaking fuel and engine damage we limped back to base.

At base we had the fun of repairing the helicopter, at which point I had multiple visitors to the guard room and could hear the now many guys at base talking to me and trying to get me in the air quicker :slight_smile: I managed to deal with the visitors and made it in time to reinsert reinforcements to LZ Orange. On route to LZ Orange I approach from the North over the last objective but took heavy fire from the new objective and went unconscious once again finally regaining it just above the ground by this time I was South of the AO and move in to LZ Orange from the south and got the guys on the ground.

The last part for me was the Extraction and the feedback here isn’t for the GM’S but for the Infantry call signs on the ground. I liked the blue smoke was easy to see and gave me a good indication of wind on approach. While on the ground security looked good it was just a shame I was on the ground waiting for so long for people to board, at least to me it seemed like a long time. Also I left people behind which I believe would have fit we had 6 seats left.and on second run I am sure we only picked up about 4 so just 1st ask the pilot how many seats available and then plan your boarding sequence to save to time and then having to plan with the bird on the deck.

All in all a great mission a very good first effort from Dusky hope to play plenty more.


P.S. Sorry to anyone that was speaking to me in game and thought I was being rude I had TS on full volume but found it very hard to hear people even out of game, plus I was in guard room so had to go AFK every now and then.