Coop - Plant Pot

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Great mission by Teddy.

Wonderful job by my elements in executing plans and adapting on the fly. Great comms in keeping me constantly up to date with the picture, even when my ArmA was being a slideshow.

Also a +1 to [user avatar=“” name=“Abuk”]1171274[/user] for the great inter-platoon banter whilst we sat around on our asses. Also, we totally didn’t call an emergency reinsert because PLT fell off of a rock and needed a medic.

Good job Teddy. I had to leave a bit earlier, around the time we had to defend the counterattack. So the following feedback might not be 100% accurate.

I enjoyed the mission, objective and the setting. The underlying communication was also good for fireteam Alpha. But I did feel like there should have been a bit more difficulty. I felt like there was not a whole lot of enemy presence. Maybe that is just bad luck but I did not get the idea there was a whole lot of enemies to fight off. I wouldn’t mind seeing the difficulty and amount of enemies cranked up a little. At least in fireteam Alpha there weren’t a whole lot of deaths.

But as said, other than the amount of enemies the mission was fun to play and the objective was fun to try and achive!

Thanks a lot Teddy, the mission was great fun!

The size of the AO allowed a great liberty of movement & it was interesting to find solutions to take objectives at the squad level.
As Skippy said during debreif, splitting Alpha & Bravo to take objective Silver worked very well & their was no friendly fire at all (which is rare)!

Like Skippy, I thought the coms on platoon net were very good & not cluttered as it can get sometimes with this many elements. It was fun coordinating with Bravo when we had the occasion.

On the squad level, Alpha worked very well together, I was happy with communications & the way things unfolded when we were in contact. Arba did great fo his first time as FTL!

This is the mission I enjoyed the most in a while, thank you [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] !

The whole Bravo performed greatly, [user avatar=“” name=“Jash”]16385839[/user] did an excellent job as SL and communication between the fireteams was very good. I’d also like to thank [user avatar=“” name=“Sallal”]15352611[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Ozzie”]11586380[/user] for being an awesome fireteam, it was a pleasure to play with you guys!

Really cool mission overall, setting was great, objectives was easy to undesrtand, …
However I agree with Racoon : I think there could have been more enemies to fight, at least during the first part of the op. I understand that the opord said the opposition was light there but still.
Also it felt like we were moving really slowly at times, and it didn’t really feel appropriate considering the light opposition we were facing. Teddy should have punished us by sending a lot of reinforcements from the main island as the briefing suggested.

Really really nice mission Teddy. Simple with focus on the fights and terrain - lovely!

The AI acted a little wierd in this mission. Sometimes they just patrolled while we picked them off and other times they wen’t full Chuck Norris mode.

I think a little more use of the suppression modules would have been nice to keep the fighting going. It’s rare that we get lit up so to throw a 10 sec suppression module on some the AI from time to time wouldn’t have hurt it.

I would have loved if the fighting over the river at the bridge had been longer aswell. It was a really cool setting but the bridge was crossed quite quickly.

Other than that I think we did really well in Bravo and the platoon overall. Great work guys!

Really nice, simple yet interesting mission. We had lots of fun planning and coordinating with Skippy - picking approaches that are not super conventional (splitting fireteams, setting conditions for movement plan, utilizing assets in efficient way to keep the momentum up).

We also made some mistakes that can be learned from, such as ordering Reaper to do a gun run on Obj. Bronze way too early.

AI skill was standard, but we might need to ramp it up a bit, seeing that some people had 10+ kill scores which makes us look like terminators.

The setting and sandbox-like freedom of movement with added good communications really did the job here.


Thanks very much for the feedback everyone. Notes on difficulty and tempo of the mission are very helpful for trying to get a better balance in the future!