Coop - Patrol

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Very nice, thanks for the mission!

Racoon asked me for this picture…

Yes it was a very good mission Shiny, thanks for hosting.
I liked how roleplay and action mixed up, shooting enemies was expected but dealing with (crazy) civilians and mantaining awareness is not easy as it seems. Sorry for laughing at civs but seeing them crawl all around the villages was indeed quite entertaining, the barn situation was interesting anyways.
As Dulabu clearly stated during debriefing, alpha 2 did a really great job in losing only one guy to a rocket launcher (one heck of a kill may I say).

Thanks folks, it was fun :slight_smile:

I need to say that I’m not really into roleplaying missions but it was still nice mission. Final assault was quite fun. Not much to say since not much happened to this mission…
Had an occasion to play squad lead for a while for the 1st time and it was perfect introduction to it since not much happened. 10/10

One thing I have to point out or even two.
Don’t be a dick and don’t play with things like this ramp in M113. I understand some banter and all those retarded talks that are usually quite fun but there is a limit.

And also keep the communication level high. Alpha 1 was a little bit annoying in terms of communication(FTL speaking here). Zcribe was doing everything fine but the rest… I don’t know guys… Not to point out names, listen to the calls. If squad lead says "let’s get back on the road and continue patrolling" then you should be doing that right away or waiting for your FTL to say to go. Going after you with radio just to get back for your fat asses behind to tell you in person that you have to move is annoying as hell and it slows down things. Also after I became a squad leader I pretty much lost track of you near the market. Okay you went to designated position instead of staying with me, that’s fine, it was the idea to go there but then Zcribe died and for some reason you kept telling me he was alive and I told you multiple times to fall back and only saw medic behind me and Alpha 2 on the side. Maybe I should have said that from now on, for example zcribe is FTL of Alpha 1 since I’m squad lead but I don’t think it’s really necessary since I’m right behind you, telling you what to do. At least on patrol 3 marker it all went quite nice and at the end of final assault you gathered rather quickly to do as I say.

Pls work on that. After all a bunch of noobs with good communication is better than a bunch of pros with no communication. Sorry for being harsh but someone has to say it.

Thanks a lot Shiny, it was really fun.
I am not too much into role playing either but I feel like the balance was good in this op. The regular patrolling part was great for immersion & gave us a chance to perform more standard tasks before it started raining bullets.

It was only my 2nd time as SL & I felt like Alpha did a nice job overall (except when playing with the M113 ramp). I did make a few mistakes while patrolling like having fireteams cross roads for no good reason but fortunately this was during quiet times. Too bad I took a round in the face before the fighting really began!

Special thanks to Dulabu who gave me several tips during the mission.

I liked the change of pace from more "War Is Hell" missions where a minute doesn’t go by without half a dozen bits of armour appearing from all sides. This was a more sedate and perhaps realistic scenario. I am not saying either kind of experience is better I just like the variety.

Squad Lead of Bravo had a really tough job at the south of the last town because we arrived and started to capture a prisoner and then were engaged by a really lucky technical before we were in a good position. Still at the end we only needed one helicopter to take the whole platoon home which was super efficient!

Teddy, let me see if I understand this. You are glad we didn’t need two chopper trips: A) because the pilot is annoying. B) chopper fuel is expensive. C) you didn’t like anybody in Bravo D) squad leading is easier with no squad.

I’m joking :slight_smile: I really like variety and this type of mission also allows for a bit more banter and fun with you guys :slight_smile:

Well having only half of the squad to extract definitely cut the expenses :slight_smile:

yup! next time kill one squad or half of each squad and extract with 1 helicopter run. Far more efficent!

I died on the technical attack, I’m sensing a lot of insensitivity, what happened to the phrase "no man left behind"?

At least you were left in good company :slight_smile: