Coop - Operatsiya Volna

Map: Panthera
Time: 0330
Weather: Heavy overcast with rain to clear
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user]


I Situation:

Republic of Nagorno is in turmoil. While the political elites are busy squabbling, local guerillas came to an agreement with organised criminal syndicates and in a joint attack seized one of the smaller island in the nations Northwest. Local forces were quicky overwhelmed and civilian populace found themselves exiled from their homes. Russian Federation offered its assistance, which Nagornos leadership quicky accepted, hoping to quicky resolve the issue. Russian Federation sent some of its most elite units to the area, hoping to show the world its power and resolve.

Friendly Forces:

[*] Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations


[indent][list][] 6x KamAZ-5350
] 6x GAZ-233011
[] 4x GAZ-233014
] 14x Assault Boat
[*] 2x Mi-8MT

Enemy Forces:

[*] Insurgents


[*] No civilian presence. Civilian populace from occupied island has been exiled, civilians from neighbouring island have been evacuated.

II Mission:

Eliminate hostile forces located on the island South of our FOB. Find and dispose of guerilla leader Radoslav Volkov.

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Perform a swift attack on enemy positions while minimising friendly casulties. Eliminate Radoslav Volkov.

Movement Plan

[*] Friendly forces are free to chose from any of available means of transport, be it air, sea, or ground. However, friendly forces must be aware that enemy possesses at least some ability to counter our insertion. Only bridge to the island is in control of enemy forces and is somewhat fortified, parts of the islands coast are defended with static emplacements, and enemy is in possession of unkown number of ZU-23-2 mobile AAs. PLT is free to use available Mi-8MT helicopters for CAS. [/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply by ground or air on PLTs request.


[] At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in whichever transport vehicle PLT finds appropriate.
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.[/list][/indent]

Large map:

Large map:
Small map:

Basic recon has been done, but due to the bad weather conditions images are not very clear. You can find them here.

Friendly forces consist of PLT, three squads, DMT, and pilot team.

Insert with this route using the MI-8 Transport helo’s. Fly the last half low and slow and putt us on the beach. The height and tree’s will provide enough cover for us and it will not allow the ZU-32 AA’s to get to us.

From there on we sweep the island from south to north. Using stage 1 to 4 in that order. Use the tree’s and buildings for cover move swift and finish the compounds quick.
For exfil we can use the MI-8 again.

I apologise for not saying this sooner, but consider you main objective to clear the island of enemies. Compounds are possible locations of Radoslav Volkov, which may or may not even be occupied.
You can’t lead anyone if you don’t have anyone to lead :slight_smile:

My plan stays but instead of using the stages we shift to the right side of the island and start clearing towns/buildings/compounds.

How about we send a team ahead by boat to secure an LZ / scout for AA. Can use the helos to drop boats off a little closer to their destination to save time.

I love that idea. Didn’t think about sling loading ! Changing my plan to include that :d