Coop - Operatsiya Volna

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

Thanks for the mission Arba. It was very interesting & tense. It’s a shame we were so unlucky picking the LZ, it made everything very difficult & lots of people got shot.

no video ?

Very hectic mission. We took close contacts immediately on top of the hill and moving to our right flank was a bad idea since we were even more exposed (as Berenton later found out). The movement towards the compound was a bit better but again I found myself in a chaotic situation and eventually got killed by enemies literally just behind squad lead. I do apologize for shooting at friendly forces inside the office building, playing as russians got me quite confused, I’m sorry.

Overall speaking the mission concept was very interesting and even though the HVT was killed in my opinion we failed to stick with the original plan of clearing the compounds. Well the server crash didn’t help and unfortunately we don’t have a CNTR recording because of that.

Anyways thanks Arba for hosting the mission! Although being quite frustrated most of the time I enjoyed it.


Nice mission. A lot of action and our choice of LZ made it even harder. I didn’t get too much action. For me it was camping, treating people that got shot 10 times and somehow are not dead, camp, treat, camp, treat, get hit by nade, treat, move towards objective, kill some and then get killed by an enemy that was literally 1m behind me and shot me, Henrik and someone else through the bush. Gotta love this AI… Aaaand that was pretty much it for me. One thing I’d like to say that I didnt like is the FPS. a lot of people(including me) had terrible FPS on this map. My average was about 23FPS… Worse than console peasants! I’d suggest that we don’t use very needy maps so people can play in at least 40fps. Probably gonna do a brainstorming tread out of it.

And I think that mission is accomplished isn’t it Henrik? Mission objective was to kill the guy, we killed him, so we’re good.

Since my exams are done I will probably do a videos out of it soon and like 3 or 4 operations that are waiting to be made and uploaded. Although might take a while cus I got a new program and I have to learn how to use it.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand being pinned down for the most of the time isn’t the most fun experience so I’ll be more considerate about the number of placed enemies in the future. But, as I said yesterday, you landed between a large town filled with enemies and the main compound where HVT was located so you pulled a massive amount of infantry to your location. In doing so, you destroyed aprox. half of the enemy forces on the whole island while taking relatively small casualties. I can only say "good work" :slight_smile:

Also, I loved hearing Dachi, Freghar and the rest of the survivors scream when a grenade got thrown through the window and landed in the middle of them while they were pinned down in the vulcano compound. Luckily it turned out to be just a smoke nade :smiley:

And yea, I heard several people complaining about the FPS, I had the same issue. When I tested the mission, FPS didn’t drop below 40 on my mediocre machine so I hoped there wouldn’t be any issues :confused:

yeah the fps wasn’t great for me either, I barely got past 25, maybe a 30 at max. But when the fights errupted it was almost 20 or lower which let’s just say makes it hard to hit much

Good mission. To me it seemed that we failed the mission mostly due to decisions made in planning phase. Overall though I had plenty of fun moments.

We panicked at first but then I opened the door and threw a nade at you. Stuka I believe found out that you can throw nades back through the window. I loved our little Fire mission interaction XD
I don’t believe we picked a bad LZ. We got intel that Carrot and Sel were to hot. DMT was down which left us with no eyes on the island. Me and Mayo picked the safest spot that we could find which didn’t have static weapons nearby as far as we know of instead of waiting around for the DMT reinsert to get eyes on again.

Fun mission. Could have done with less enemies.