Coop: Operatsiya Nebo

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Great mission Arba, as usual. Sorry we didn’t make it through the 2 other villages.
I loved all the flanking the enemy was doing. It forced us to maintain a good situational awareness & we had stay mobile constantly to adapt to the situation. The improvised objective in the forest was also nice, seeing your heli come down on its own was kind of funny.
I was glad we could still make things work with such a low turnout. It was difficult to maintain cohesion between A & B inside the town but I thought we did very good & killed a lot of enemies with very few casualties.

As for the map itself, I personnaly liked, even with all the bloody fences in the village. The flat terrain forces us to use vehicles to cross open ground and maintain good security all around. It also makes assaults pretty difficult.

Best mission I’ve had in a while. The communication in Bravo was very nice and everyone knew what to do. We were smart and quick.

The fights were a lot of fun especially for the last hour outside the town. Really great job of making a mission for 50 people work for just 14 Arba :stuck_out_tongue:


That guy was one of the last enemies in the compound and he was unconscious. I wanted to use him to mess with you a bit so I used full heal on him, but he still didn’t wake up. I mean, he did, but he also didn’t. Then I saw you playing with him and I instantly knew I was getting a video tomorrow…

I think the mission was pretty good, the environment of the village was a bit unusual, even though the frustration with the fences was a pretty common Arma thing.

One thing I really hated was the new AKs. They zero only to 100m and 500m, nothing in between, and are very inaccurate (large spread of single-shot bullets). Given a red dot, they may as well be based on AR-15. Give me back my green old AK. :anxious: