Coop - Operation Typhoon

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I was driver/commander in one of the M1A1s. Gunners of both tanks disconnected early on which didn’t help and gunners had issues with their sights (I solved the issue by unbinding T). Ny tabj flipped over due to the amazing Arma physics which didn’t help. We need to train on how to operate with multiple tanks and air support.

I enjoyed the mission premise and do I enjoy combined arms mission. We need to practice it a lot though. I felt comes between armour and air was pretty good though.

The mission was great, it’s a breath of fresh air to play armour-centered mission for a change. I’ll add that the terrain was really, really poor for tanks so any kind of coordination was made extra difficult since tanks separated by 500 m needed several minutes to reach each other. The tanks proved to be a great force that wasn’t too powerful. Bradleys chew through infantry and light vehicles while tanks can engage and destroy them but not with the ease the IFVs display, so I think it would be useful to include them more in missions since they are not as overpowered as one might think.

I tested the tanks again on Takistan, zeroing works this time, I cannot put my finger on the issue, the Bradleys work as intended though.

I would suggest we have tank training, how to coordinate between tanks, and tank/infantry cooperation.