Coop - Operation Typhoon-442

Please provide feedback about the mission here. Negative and constructive comments are appreciated in order to make future operations more pleasant.

Good mission with a nice scenery and loads of work put in to make the whole country side feel alive. Maybe MMG was being kept a little bit too safe. Only at the very end, were ever in immediate danger.

On the medical side: I was medic and I think the new system work really well. All my patients went from being unconscious to conscious within seconds after treatment. You need to relearn a lot of things that you previously learned about treating because loads of things have changed. I believe this is the biggest issue we are facing with the overhauled system.

The op was nice, different pacing from most which is good for variability.

On the medical stuff:
I only took 1 wound the entire op. A bullet hit my arm (no fracture afaik) and made me go unconscious (which surprised me when I found out). I got treated after about 20 seconds with tourniquet -> bandage and then got checked for heartrate and given a morphine and epi (which I’d picked up from a dead enemy) by a non-medic. Even after that it still took me several minutes to wake up (I can check exact time when I get home). (I will also check my blood loss when I get home, but I think it wasn’t that high, there definitely was no grey coloring etc).

My point being: there is not always a medic around to treat people. Balancing the system to have people only wake up if properly treated by medic, and them having a good chance to wait many minutes when without, can be very punishing when medics are not around or too busy to help you. It is still possible to go unconscious from just a shot to the arm or leg, even if you are in perfect health.

I do not have any problems with how we set up the medical system yesterday btw, since this same think could’ve happened with the exact same result using the old medical system. But I argue that a .15 wake up chance isn’t that bad since it’s likely to be the only thing to wake you up if you are out of medic/medical supplies, and it won’t even be a factor if there is a medic present.

After many promises, finally going to leave some feedback.

Firstly, pretty nice op, I enjoyed the start where we were just patrolling and talking to civilians, it made a change from just "Drive to location, shoot everything" and it was nice to see the paranoia about people watching us through binocs haha. There was some mild grumbles and annoyances from people changing their minds when giving orders, at one point we were told to mount up, ran all the way to the vehicles only to be told that we were moving by foot, ran back to the patrol point only to be told that we were ACTUALLY taking the cars and had to run back to them again, all to drive maybe 30seconds down the road :stuck_out_tongue:

On the medical system:
It was only my second time using it since it was updated, but I enjoyed it a lot more this week, I was actually able to take a bullet to the little toe this time without immediately falling unconcious and bleeding out. Though I feel the bleeding rate could still do with a little tweaking, at one point I took a single shot to the leg which broke the bone, immediately started patching and in the time it took to apply one splint and one bandage I had lost "A hell of a lot of blood" according to Churizo. Overall, it feel’s like we’re getting there with it. Though I’m sure that’ll all change with last nights update haha!

Only really had one other minor gripe which was not directly to do with the mission or medical systems, and probably should have been brought up during debrief but eh, I was tired. At one point, I believe during the final town patrol, when we were all hurrying through we kept hearing gunshots and later got told that was MMG shooting out windows? I don’t have any proof that was the case, but it was what I was told and I heard a couple of people complain that we were all told we were not to enter buildings, don’t annoy civies, etc while MMG were allowed to just go around shooting out windows, like I say, just a minor gripe.

I think if possible we should maybe test to see where the bottleneck is in unconsciousness. Is it getting stable? If so how quick can a medic and non-medic stabilise a person. As a non-medic it might take x amount of time for the heart rate and blood pressure to settle after wounds are treated and possible heart restarted, if this is already 2+ minutes (after treatment) I don’t see the need of another harsh WakeUpChance modified that can easily go many minutes (though ofc it shouldn’t be guaranteed instant wake as with epi either).
If people reset to a stable BP and heart rate after treatment quickly a lower WakeUpChance makes sense.

From the current feedback it seems to me that both stabilisation and wakeUpChance were issues on Friday, and only stabilisation last Tuesday, which imo is an improvement as unconsciousness still wasn’t shorter than before the ACE update at the least.

Quite enjoyed this op. Nice to have a slow start with a bit of investigation before getting into fights. Medical seems to have had to kinks worked out though its hard to tell considering we got less resistance this week than last and we did have the issue at the end where blue got wiped but hard to tell if thats unfair medical settings or they just got dunked on