Coop - Operation: Trident Fall

Hey guys!

Thanks for Abuk for making the mission!
Please leave some nice feedback :slight_smile:

The setting: Map was beautiful, first time I saw this one, when i didn’t have grass off it really reminded me of forests near my home.

The execution: This was the first time I participated in an organized op of this size and this level of execution. The op was well executed, went smoothly aside from few SW issues. The scenario has a plausible backstory with a believable premise

The forces: This was probably the only shortcoming that was noticable to me. Acc to backstory, the island has been invaded, 2 factions have fought for control and present situation is that they have a non-aggresion pact, each fortifying their own part of the island. This I didn’t see. There was a decent number of NDF forces, considering they were’nt expecting any aggresion and part of their forces was evacuated, though even that was still on the lower side,

However when we entered the territory of RO, the invader, which was walled of, and said to be fortified, we found it was anything but. As a recently invaded territory that has been fortified I would understand that there would be heavy military presence (at least 3-4x more than there actually was), hastily constructed checkpoints on the road, bunkers/observation posts with marksmen on most hilltops, and main enemy fortifications on strategic positions. What there actually was was ~20 people walking through the woods unchallenged, cresting multiple hilltops without so much as a glimpse of the enemy.

One particular example i can give is, after we breached the wall, destroyed the BTR and eliminated leftover foot-mobiles B1 and B2 (and im not sure, but i think A1 and A2 as well) Proceded right to the site where HVT was being held without engagement, or even spotting the enemy. If the final facility was important enough to house the HVT, I would imagine there would be guard towers or beforementioned Bunkers/OPs on the hilltops where bravo and PLT set up. Instead there was a small complex in a very unstrategic position with roughly 20 soldiers for defence.

Anyway TLDR good op, had fun, got bit boring as we went into RO territory, kind of broken immersion by lack of enemy forces.

<o Majo

I usually don’t do this feedback thing but I’ll just say that it was too long, though it didn’t look like it’s going to be.

I have to praise leadership on this operation for playing it real and tactically correct, not rushing to finish everything on time so maybe we should adapt the scope of our operations next time. The mission, from GMs perspective, was sized well, enemy was good at the first part, worse as time went by (my guess is that GM wanted to speed up things so we don’t end today at 8AM). Question for [user avatar=“” name=“Xander”]12587882[/user] - was ASR AI flanking us so hard or did you move the units behind us sometimes?

TLDR - decrease mission scope (for all GMs) so we can play a tactical game like we did yesterday. We don’t need to seize entire Lingor in one night. :smiley:

I agree with Highway, the mission was very long. At the end i had a lot of connection issues and i did not hat the courage to get back in for debrief! A little bit shorter would be awesome but i know it’s hard to know how long we will actually take… since we did not act how MM was thinking in the beginning and we fought the whole way up to the enemy…

ACRE 2 fucked up pretty bad but we managed (Alpha) to keep together and continue anyway with some kind of tactic.
I liked the amount of AI, the fact that we had to claim assets etc.

I really like this map but boy, there is so much open space without any cover … i was glad that we had Alpha, Bravo and MAT, so there was always one team with a more or less save approach to the enemy position.

Good job MM

As the backup secondary GM of this mission I can confirm the whole time scope thingie, we did our best to keep the timeframe correct but both the slow airfield acquisition (10 minutes spent looking at the airfield from the forest) and the desync convoy crash (4 minutes, was fairly fast) were unexpected and pretty much forced us to cut down 15 minutes "somewhere" and as such we basically removed most NDF units from the south of the airfield as well as half the RO forces, and even though it was very hard for us to keep the time down. I think the original mission was fine but the fact that Bravo engaged NDF early changed quite a lot of stuff.

As for flanking, Highway was on Bravo which had the uncanny luck (or curse) of getting through a forest in perfect sync with a whole ennemy fireteam, which you then passed right next to without either spotting the other. Said fireteam ended up being behind you when you attacked the Trevon city. I ordered them to move to the city after you cleared Trevon…

Before I get the opportunity to upload the full recording, I managed to cut and upload the highlight of great piloting skill under the pressure of being watched by 20 people:

Damn … that video :LOL:

The laugh is even better than the landing

That was a good operation BUT! As Majo said RO territory was boring as hell… I really liked the amount of enemies when we were attacking the airfield and the flanks from them. Then we approached the airfield and we did something we always do… Nothing! We were standing in the forest for 15 minutes doing completely nothing and we had so bad position for any kind of spotting work. Even if there was enemy(that got deleted as zeuses say) we could have attacked it in those 15 minutes. Then the shit with someone throwing me out of vehicle(thanks for not running over me…) and then the desync crash and just the time it took us to go to RO territory. Now when I look at my videos it says that for 45 minutes we didn’t do anything interesting… You can cut out 10minutes for our approach to airfield but then its still 35 minutes. And then it’s 15 minutes of some explosions but that’s just MAT work soo yeah… 50 minutes of nothing… IMO we should have gone to that airfield straight away, check it, pack up our shit and go to RO territory. This way it would be around 20 minutes of nothing if you ask me.

As Majo and I said before, RO territory was boring. Some enemies wandering through forest and the rest was kept in the worst strategic position(but it made for fun assault) with 20 guys. The fact that it was in so bad position it was hard to put any enemies anywhere but in their "base" but still 20 guys is just… not the amount of people that would keep HVT… And I was expecting some actual fortification as Majo says.Trump’s wall and some 2 shitty bunkers wasn’t exactly the amount of "fortifications" I’ve expected… Sad to say but after taking the airfield it became boring :confused: The 1st part was very fun so the overall comment stays as "good operation" :slight_smile:

Some shit from my view now. I liked our coordination. Bravo teams were working very well together and very effectively helped Alpha squad when there was a need for that. Everything went as smoothly as it could have gone and we lost… 2 people? I think? Could be just because I’m great medic(as they were claiming) and those fools were getting headshoted and were still alive :stuck_out_tongue: But medic seems kind of boring :confused: All I did was follow Dusky and then go to the team that needs me. I pretty much ignored every order as I was just following Dusky and none of the orders were for me directly. And I did go shooty bang bang(as zcribe describes it) but due to Bravo’s type of orders it wasn’t THAT much of shooting but I’m satisfied. Good stuff.

P.S. I was supposed to be bullet magnet as always but instead everyone around was getting shot and I didn’t take a single bullet :slight_smile:

Since I’m planning on getting drunk(and not only) this weekend(as it was terrible week and I want to wipe it from my memories) I don’t know when I will do the thing with videos but today at night I finished last week’s operations so there you go: ArmA 3 Operation "Claw" by Carpe Noctem Part 1 - YouTube

You could say It was long, but you could also say that our actions had an actual, logical effect on the rest of the mission. which is the sorta stuff I like, not the long bit.

I completely agree with you, [user avatar=“” name=“Abuk”]1171274[/user] hit the nail with this adding assets when capturing one objective. Too bad it took us a long time to get there.

Uh, so, that was fun. I uploaded the full recording a long time ago but never posted it.

Co-GM PoV: