Coop - Operation Suprise

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.


Stealth was great appart from one missfire (its tradition! :P) , but almost too good, AI walked right up to me and since I couldn’t move without being seen the only thing I could shoot was his crotch. I killed his future children but he killed me. Second spawn I froze in the compound…so don’t really know what happened next.

You should have warned Dachi and I before engaging so we could all open fire at the same time. This way both of you got killed, and I got left in a company of two handsome corpses and some pissed off Russkies.

Very nice OP, using the night visors was uncomfortable at first in the open fields but okay once we got in the factory. The first attack on the compound by B2 was quite a failure, both because we had no fire support from the hills and because the enemy force was quite strong and we had to keep in cover while many enemies kept coming from south of the wall. I do apologize for not understanding it was an extraction at the end, I was quite tired and didn’t really pay too much attention since somebody said it maybe was a reinsertion; anyways I think there was a lack of communication, but again that’s my fault so sorry guys.

Thanks for the nice tuesday night!

[quote user_id=“17914993” avatar=“” name=“Arba”]You should have warned Dachi and I before engaging so we could all open fire at the same time. This way both of you got killed, and I got left in a company of two handsome corpses and some pissed off Russkies.[/quote] I didn’t have time… he sprinted towards me and then stopped and pointed his ak at my head, It was under a second before I saw him over my tree root and he was standing over me.

Short dislcaimer before someone reads this: this was only my second operation with you guys so don’t give me hate for this. Also I’m going to mention some people by name, this is nothing personal just examples.

I didn’t really enjoy this op to it’s fullest, Following are the two reasons as to why.

  1. A lot of running before the action: as you can see in the video we only reach our target 56 minutes into the video with just over an hour of action afterwards. An op shouldn’t, in my opinion, contain 50% percent running.

  2. Pissed leaders?: For some reason I felt like there was a lot of tension during the op, I noticed this mostly between shakan and the rest of our fireteam. To illustrate: As we were providing overwatch for alpha to cross a road I had set up a bit higher on the hill so I could get a clear view of the road (Shakan’s position had no view of the road whatsoever). I had mentioned this to Argon who relayed it to Shakan and then came back. A bit later Shakan comes back and starts telling us off for not listening to him and staying up on the hill. Argon and I tell him we told him and the position he chose was not good. After listening he told us if we weren’t gonna listen he was gonna get us kicked out of the operation.
    This is not a good way to run a fireteam in my opinion. Of course he gets to have the last say but not taking any input from us and afterwards threatening like that doesn’t seem like a good way to handle it.

This is all from my point of view so other people’s pov may differ

I can comment on the first point.
The job was to be stealthy and as you can see you avoided multiple civilians and patrols along the way. Running is part of being sneaky. Don’t worry, my next OP won’t have so much running :wink:

On the second point. None ever is gonne have you kicked from an OP. Unless you do something really radical. Shakan has no valid point to say this and you should have brought this up after the OP so we could talk to him.
Also if you are so far away that your FTL does’nt hear you. And you have to run over to talk to him. Then just use the radio and confirm the FTL heard it.

Yeah it seemed like just standard running to me, not really my thing I guess.

I was gonna bring it up on the debrief but as it was getting late I decided to go off early and decided to bring it up here.
about the radio thing, true that :stuck_out_tongue: even though people don’t tend to listen to radio chatter.

Always confirm your messages over the radio. A simple How copy is enough. And otherwise you can ask twice if people ignore you.

I really liked the Missiom… true we had to run a lot, but since we had to stay away from enemy and there was a lot of tension build up i really liked that part!
The Base was looking awesome… nice job! Only problem for me (and a real killer in terms of immersion) are the guys in the bunkers … after a moment you have to take them off "Garrison"!!! We already cleared 90% of the compound and AI was still standing in the Bunker facing initial direction like nothing happened!

Guys … if you have a problem with your FTL/SQL or any other Member … send him PM after mission and try to explain yourself / work out something together. If this doesn’t work (one person doesn’t want to cooperate) ask someone to help you out. Sometimes you just need the view from a outsider (objective perspective), this can help to understand each other and to learn from and with each other.

Nice Job Shiny… nice to have you back!!!

Alpha was Awesome…

Yeah the command I put in their init was good until they actually had to move. So unless you controlled them yourself they stayed put. Next time I will do it differently :wink:

You can use zeus to enable PATH or MOVE :slight_smile: some cool features have a play with them.

The more you know ! Thanks Dachi :slight_smile:

Looking at zcribe POV made me realize I need to fix my Headset issue…

Fuck no, Bravo did all the heavy lifting while Alpha was busy picking there nose… Check OCAP we rocked until we died…

Alpha didn’t die =/= Alpha was awesome

Bravo is Awesome!


I just noticed this. About Shakan and I. We are brothers and we have a specific kind of relationship. I’m a very abrasive and headstrong person and he gets annoyed by that a lot of times. I have more experience as an FTL so I offered some advice, which was unsolicited so we kinda clashed. Churizo, his remarks were aimed at me for telling you to stay, not at you for staying, but we had a talk and came to an amicable understanding right after the OP.