Coop - Operation Safehouse

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Cheers for the mission Baegel, great job Alpha team!

Thanks for the mission!

I’ll keep it short - me leaving the mission around 2200 regularly has nothing to do with mission itself but rather with my age (unfortunately).

Few wishes:

  • more focused and smaller AO - there is lot of void space on maps, hard to maintain discipline. For example, we cleared many houses, 99% were empty, but once they were well defended (the garage was awesome), we died because we got used to not having anything and honestly, we do it in a haste and very very sloppy. With smaller AO, that ratio of "full vs empty" house would be better and so would we.
  • either recon or main body - it’s ok not having perfect intel. However, if we’re recon force, maybe objective should be more suited for it. On top of my head - find the enemy and destroy their scouting element or something similar. On the other hand, if we are main body, we’d have better intel before we go in. Think about introducing "recon thursday" (silent sneaking around the map to pinpoint targets) - it ratchets up immersion.

Hey hey, thanks for the feedback.

You were meant to go in with incomplete information, that was part of the mission and being able to adapt on the fly and when new information came to light. It was meant to be a hastily drawn up Op with not enough infantry to cover every angle, thats why NB was so important.

But I get that that’s not everyone’s cup of tea

MMG was pivotal to the completion of the mission. Change my mind

All in all it was good to replay the mission with a few more hours in ArmA under my belt and it was pretty good fun. Thanks Baegel (2509934)

@Baegel - the mission was good, just wanted to give my pain points. :slight_smile: