Coop - Operation Red Storm Pt 3

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.

I’m very satisfied with the difficulty of this mission, being less difficult than the other two, and hitting about the right level now.

Yeap this was a solid mission Dachi. Good amount of enemies, good amount of support for us AND for them. The enemies didn’t come from weird spots and they were always playing very close to reality, such as trying to regain control of the VIP, flanking us from behind, arti on our possition only after they actually spotted us with 1 guy.

People didn’t die too much but also it wasn’t too easy, it just about right. Only gripe I had was with the night vision which was not needed really, some flares, flashlights and good comms could have gotten us just as far.

Good mission, really liked being the copilot/spotter for Seneram in the last half hour or so, even though my landing aid skills aren’t really on point…
But I’m sure I’ll get better, I was just a little confused cuz I’d never done anything like it before :slight_smile:

Indeed a VERY fun mission even as co-zeus/Pilot. Its was intensly fun all through out. Like stated earlier mad props for your spotting skills lupus, Glad you enjoyed it since the MI24 is actually one of the few where you have nothing to do in except spotting and guiding targets, Normally you would deal with communications and navigation but i didnt want to overload you :slight_smile: I will hopefully see you as my co-pilot more in the future… After some landing training :smiley:

Thanks again Dachi. Great mission!

The equipment box had in it Flares, Chemlights and IR Strobes also everyone spawns with a weapon flashlight so if you don’t want to use NVG’s then that is up to you, if you mean you would like to force the no NVG’s on a night mission then yeah that could be done in the future and has been done in the past.

Cheers for the Feedback!

Got my shovel and I’m bringing this thread back from the death with my long-awaited full-length recording as Orel 2’s AAR:

As always, available in Source(1080p), 720p, 480p and 360p.