Coop - Operation Pipeline

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This mission was to many extent different than the ones we are used to play, and I enjoyed it.

The first difference is that we didn’t run straight into enemy fire and hence get immediately stuck for hours fighting to survive, probably thanks to DMT’s recon and that’s exactly what Highway was talking about on Discord if I’m not mistaken: having the possibility to carefully choose the insertion route and change plan in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by enemies. Of course game master allowed this but again, as discussed gm should not aim to slaughter everyone but rather giving players a thrilling experience.
The pace of our movement was good as well, we took it nice and slow and safely cleared our way to the oil factory, and on the second objective it was the same, good slow movement to make sure we don’t get surprised or overwhelmed.

So yeah, I truly enjoy this kind of missions where you actually have different situations and time between a fight and the next one, it feels more realistic. Thanks Arba for hosting the operation, I had a lot of fun (despite the friendly fire for which I apologize again with Teddy).

P.S. Convoys were awesome this time weren’t they?

[spoiler=some pics]


I won’t ask what price is balancing on in that second picture…

I liked DMTs recon. We were good for the most part I think, except that TS issues meant people could’mt always hear each other on the radio which made things difficult. There was a few tactical errors in general but I though we did well. I think we did need the second medic though.

Mission itself was interesting and I really enjoyed it.

I really liked this mission and i had a lot of fun…

The amount of enemy was perfect… probably because we can see them for once (Thx to the desert).
I liked how the enemy reacted and went out to hunt bravo down but then got fucked by alpha who was in a very good position at that time. The compound was small and detailed, something i really like (i don’t like bulky and big bases)!

About DMT used as recon… it’s a fucking game-changer! I don’t know how much the desert helped us out too but to once know where the enemy is coming from and to know what to expect was really awesome! It felt really good to know that DMT is watching over us and scouting ahead… we really need this!!!

Sadly i had to leave before the end

Stop flattering me and [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user] !! You guys are making me blush.

There was one huge drawback to the gun on DMT’s side. It barely does any damage if you hit anything else but the head. It often took 6 or 7 shots to kill 1 guy. The wind measurement and using the range chart for it makes no sense. So the first shot whenever you relocate or shoot a different distance is always a gamble. And having only 160 bullets and no spare ammo in the resupply boxes makes it hard. You have to conserve ammo right from the start. Realistically the max enemies you can kill is 10 in a mission unless you get more ammo somewhere.
I did like the recon it gave everyone else and we had no radio problems what so ever.

Plus being able to only zero to -6 makes you only effective until 700 meters.

Here is the range chart where it shows everything

[quote user_id=“3602631” avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]Plus being able to only zero to -6 makes you only effective until 700 meters.


Your picture shows -6 on the scope but that is left and right adjustment not up and down. Up and down adjustment is what is shown on the range card.

Plus all rifles on default 0 and 0 settings should have no dramas hitting targets at close range but if in doubt follow the range card and remember if it says bullet drop is -9.1 then you adjust UP 9.1

Edit: See videos for some good tips.



Then the zeroing does nothing as I was able to hit targets up to 700 meters without aiming off the center.

Depending on what Bullet i think … some bullets go straight for a very long time and start to drop very late… you can check this in the virtual arsenal with all the mods. The ASP-1 Kir has a crazy drop and without the right adjustment your bullet goes way over the target etc.

And i think that, for example 7.0 (ACE SCOPE) doesn’t mean 700 meters adjustment, i have no clue how this is calculated but it just doesn’t work as 1.0 = 100m 2.5 = 200m. Am i wrong?

See the first video in

Dulabu is right, 1 click does not equal to a particular distance, it is equal to a value in minute of angle. Thus, depending on the caliber, the weight of the projectile & the case lenght, the number of clicks to zero a rifle at a certain distance varies. The range table provides just that for the rifle & cartridge you are using depending on the temperature & the distance to target. The clicks have to be put as positive elevation (top wheel on the scope).