Coop - Operation Panthera 3

Leave your feedback, stories and experience from Operation Panthera 3 hosted by [user avatar=“” name=“Mother”]18447842[/user] .

Good mission. Only thing that did not work well was communication as already mentioned in briefing. Took AT to my face (300m), perfect AI shot. Got flashe-banged twice by AI (my ears still hurt). It was fun =)

I left early because I died at an unsuitable time 1h before the end of the OP. What I played was good fun with lots of things to shoot at for both the infantry and Paladin. Terrain was tough but I thought we managed well.
As said above by Dulabu, communication was a bit complicated with lits of chatter on squad net. I guess a PLT wpuld have been nice after all.
Cool mission Mother!

The mission was hectic, to say the least. Good coordination until the airfield, unfortunately the infantry was too close to Paladin’s rounds when it destroyed the first BMP and it probably was due the poor communication. I would definitely not have taken Abuk’s place as Squad Lead as it seemed a very hard task but I’m happy with the overall result since we took relatively low casualties if taken into account the high amount of enemy and our low numbers.
So all in all, good job! We survived and it definitely wasn’t easy, although we should improve on communication level.

I apologize to my fireteam for being a bit harsh sometimes but I could barely understand either the radio or the direct comms.

Thank you Mother for the mission!

I enjoyed it as MMG gunner (why wouldn’t I), we used nearly all ammo from our team and all the ammo that was in the big resupply box, despite me doing precise single-shots or short bursts - I guess ~1300 rounds isn’t as much as it sounds when there’s so many targets to deliver our blessing to.

I think it was by coincidence (disabled simulation on bunkers?), but it was a nicely balanced mission as far as our assets go - infantry had a lot of work to do, MMG had many targets and Paladin was doing targeted strikes instead of strafing the entire area and killing everything.

Few points though.

Please don’t remote control when you don’t have to - seeing one enemy behind one rock throwing all grenades, smokes, chemlights and clothes at us, OCD-shifting from one side to another, jittering to evade our bullets Call of Duty style and shooting randomly in the air just yells at everybody "I AM ZEUS AND I AM HERE TO ANNOY YOU A LITTLE BIT".
I don’t know, maybe it’s there to add a personal touch to the mission and is a "minigame" to play against zeus whack-a-mole style, but I personally don’t like the inconsistency.
Let AI kill us, don’t descend from the heavens to do their job. :slight_smile:

Please don’t use global chat to convey story decisions - we were told to be careful with the bombs and if we weren’t, you can account for that in the next mission or simply use the radio as HQ and mention that you’re getting reports of civilian casualties or something.
Like I did with Yuri, the incompetent pilot, when I couldn’t get the Supply module supply drop to work. (John and Abuk may remember) :slight_smile: