Coop Operation Panthera 1

Please leave your feedback, stories and photos here.

I want say at first, thank you, to Skippy for greate zeusing and to Highway and Arba for helping and guiding throught a lot of problems of making first mission. And I want say thank you to everybody who risked to play this first mission :smiley:

I hope most ppl had fun, at the end, from my player perspective it was not bad :slight_smile:

Good things:

  • well used wild card
  • very good work in the contact near prison (in CNTR movement looks really good)
  • well choosen heli reinsertion LZ at South Island Republic
  • the active BMP at shore with sleeping crew was really shock even for me (as I forgot it) , luckily did not start engaging us
  • very good thing - you actually got the HVT ! (I did not expected this at all ! :slight_smile: )

Problematic things:

  • we were unlucky at the first SIR objective that the EI patrol spotted us (still we could get away with it)
  • near the second objective was mechanized infantery camp with about 5 BMPs (but the drivers got shot)
  • (we were lucky that SIR, Iranian and Russian mil. exercise was for misinformation stopped (Panthera wants attack Iranian inland territory 170km away from SIR) and KA-52, MI-28 helicopters and SU-25, SU-57 jets were moved away) Means Skippy was nice on us :smiley: I would not be :slight_smile:

Mission making problems:

  • some enemy units were "frozen" and stayed "frozen" even when 10m from me as player (I used dynamic sim. on 700m only, so during rehearsing like Zeus I was teleporting myself all the time) (unknown bug for me)
  • first ammunition delivery box was with wrong equipment (do not know what happened)
  • I tought that reinforcement will take the ammo box automatically with them
  • I tought that it is possible to load it in the BRDM and HMMW (?)
  • confusion about friend or foe PID
  • I maybe used Russian speaking AI for UN forces (but on Panthera they speak Russian, Czech and Iranian so it s why the Insurgency)
  • there were no pictures of units and map in OPORD (I need to use external site for pictures next time)
  • mission was too long for Tuesday Op

How do I see the mission as player and MM:

  • I decided to restrict the area of movement bc it s complicated to do things like Zeus, but not so much when it is prepared forward, so I needed to force use the one road somehow, which (barely) worked.
  • I really tried to stress out that the terrorist are present everywhere and SIR has full army potential (Iranian and Russian factions)
  • I think nobody awaited the ambush on the road. SIR secret service and separatist wanted to slow us down and make their prison attack succesfull
  • The prison attack was surprisingly very good even when there was huge number of EI
  • SIR intention to be stealthy does not worked as everybody was more into "shooting mood" :slight_smile: but still it looked like fun

Please, post your ideas and opinions, as probably in future will try create other missions, so it will help to me, make them well, realistic and fun.

Thanks for making the mission Mother, even though I was a bit unlucky (my fault for being careless) I still enjoyed it.

Resupply is usually requested by Platoon Commander and is then either bought in by reinforcements or by zeus. The large green supply crate needs a large ground vehicle like a truck to be moved (it is best for mission designers to test this so they provide a large enough vehicle). I thought that air delivery of supplies needed a large helicopter but I thought I would try it with a littlebird anyway and that worked!

I also did a resupply without being asked because I assumed it would be needed and I could not contact platoon before I left to ask.

Cool mission Mother! The atmosphere at the prison defense was awesome with the cycling lighthouses. I wish we could have been through all of the objectives.