Coop - Operation Olympus

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Biology (?) with Teddy


I liked the mission, got blown up when the tank (experimental?) came to town. One thing I’d like to see is encountering alive enemy while clearing the rooms. So far we were wasting our time doing it. :slight_smile:

[user avatar=“” name=“Shails”]13750996[/user] I really hoped someone recorded the moment.

MMG had a chill time taking the first town (although we weren’t allowed to recklessly destroy the vehicles parked there, shame). We hopefully helped the guys in Alpha as they seemed to be a bit in trouble.
On the second town though the situation went chaotic as MMG and PLT got bombed while trying to get in the best possible position some launchers and the whole mission from that point was just very hectic and we couldn’t provide much help. Luckily MAT (aka [user avatar=“” name=“Clarke”]11341464[/user] ) had some fun against the SPGs.

All in all, had great shooty-bang-bang moments, scary moments and chilly moments. Thanks for the mission [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user] !

Some pics from yesterday.