Coop - Operation Goose

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.


Mission was very difficult and the saying "No plan survives first contact" never rang more true than tonight.

Our performance could have been much better. People picked up Lead Roles as they were needed but overall organisation was pretty poor and whenever the main Plat/Squad Leaders were dead, the entire company just seemed to ground to a halt until reinsert.

Just one on the mission I liked the idea of it and the objectives and even though things tactically went wrong I still enjoyed it, so cheers Highway.

Debriefing just a little on what I saw going right and wrong using OCAP:

0:40.00 - 0:44.00 some really nice fire support and disengaging by the fire teams.

0:47.00 - 0:50.00 really good reaction to contact and withdrawing by ASL and A2.

1:12.00 Nice BTR kill A2.

1:21.00 - 1:25.00 After a long time waiting around we followed up with some really nice covering and movement.

1:26.00 Team at wall A2 was covering so why did the team in the open just stop and start engaging instead of continuing the movement to the wall, you have to trust your sister fire team if they say they are covering you keep moving. That whole group in the open could have survived that if only they kept moving.

1:26.00 Around this time A2 was engaging the contacts dropped off by the trucks trying to help Plt crossing I took command of Alpha via Radio and told A1 to hold in position at the Northern end of the wall see what happens when they do there own thing lead by Squad Medic they leave their position covering the rest of the platoons flank as a result while trying to regroup with them and several of them in bad positions we nearly all get wiped. We should be always thinking if I leave this position and I know we have been taking contacts from a certain direction who do I leave exposed. I say this with hindsight but as soon as I start moving up the wall and noticed they have moved from the position I was not happy.

The whole survival thing in that compound after was pretty funny and awesome to watch on OCAP so lucky enemy everywhere.

1:43.00 - 1:47.00 Really nice work from guys on the ground after insert clearing up the enemy around the compound.

1:55.00 wow that flank was a bit large for my tastes no need to go anywhere near that far out.

1:58.00 Again another nice BTR kill A2.

2:00.00 Onwards movement was generally a lot better as was cooperation between the fire teams.

Things to work on obviously but we have talked about them lets move on and learn from them for my part I should have waited for ASL to confirm I was ok to proceed with my plan before setting of to flank left in the initial town. I also could have helped more with corrections in the plan prior to the insertion. I do believe that my FT supported the other elements within the Plt very well however and that my communication in general was good. Plus I think that the two new recruits in my FT did a great job on their first OP with us well done to them and good job all round shame we didn’t have anything in A2 to blow those guns or we could have walked away winners :wink:

Cheers to the GM’s great mission.

I was looking over Zcribe’s video and although I wasn’t present there’s a couple of things I’d like to comment on, regarding the assault on the compound. But first some general arty comments that I’ve been thinking of for the past few days.

Regarding arty: I have added a time to target calculator which Shakan will implement into the app. The recon elements should designate secondary and tertiary artillery targets so the support teams can make firing solutions in the meantime. So if there’s a need to engage the only delay will be the gun laying and the time to target, no recalculation needed.

Also communication between the battery and the units on the ground was good but I’d just like to cement a few things. All communications from and to artillery support should be repeated so there is no confusion. I think the call for a fire mission ought to include the following, Grid, Target Designation on the map, number of rounds, type of rounds. And the reply from the battery would repeat all of the above, then when the signal is given the battery responds with the time to target, announcing firing and rounds complete once they executed the firing mission. That way any errors or miscommunicated orders can be identified and corrected.

When assaulting the compound there was a 5 minute delay between the mortar rounds splashing and the assault beginning, that should be reduced as far as possible. 5 Minutes is long enough for the enemy in the compound to recover from the suppression, tend to the wounded and reestablish a defensive perimeter.

There’s a way around this which I think we should practice. Set a staging area for the assault, once the teams are in place a recon element, scouts out the targets and marks them on the map for artillery. It is advisable for the recon team to mark out primary, secondary and tertiary targets for arty. While the recon team is doing their job the rest take care of injuries, do ammo checks, redistribute ammo if needed and give the ready to their leader. Leader then signals the mortars to do a fire mission, the arty gives them the time to target and the number of rounds. Then the assault starts from the moment the first round splashes, the teams use the confusion and suppression that the mortars do to press the attack. Of course one needs to make sure the mortars had any effect, but once that is established the assault begins immediately afterwards.

Just my 2 cents.

I wasn’t very happy with the artillery issues. Sorry about that guys, I really fired the same guns like 30 minutes before the event and it was ok. It did produce some funny moments for GMs. It wasn’t so funny for [user avatar=“” name=“Shakan”]17713582[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Zero”]1123048[/user] though. I hope Zero has landed safely from Mars. :smiley:

Here is my point of view as the secondary Zeus:

Beware of behind-the-scene spoilers, GM competency debunking (we sucked), audio feedback from Highway’s shitty headset and a taste of the omniscient-but-selfnerfing GM doctrine I’ve personally been using in the past three years.
We used a continuous voice link over Steam VoIP to coordinate, hence the fact that you’ll always hear Highway despite of the situation.

Nice view into how you guys GM. :slight_smile:

I would personally almost never do things just to teach X (like some other GM created a MG guy on a roof and started shooting down at players because they were crossing on the "wrong" side of the road) or see whether they use / encourage tactic Y, but on the other hand, I would personally be much more aggressive when injuring/killing directly, especially those who regularly peek outside cover when they know there’s an enemy sniper shooting at them.

We need another of those operations with AI accuracy 0.9 or something, so that people get a refresher in "how to behave when suppressed" - not as a deliberate action to teach them a specific tactic, but rather to not throw away their lives so easily. I’ve noticed that on both of the two OPs I made and GM’d, that no matter how many bullets you shoot at people, no matter how accurate you shoot sniper bullets around them, they will always peek out at predictable places because they’d rather take their chances against our AI in a direct fire competition rather than come up with some strategy.
I must have killed like 4-5 guys on Shapur with my sharpshooter (200m) because the players just kept walking on the open roof, despite seeing friendly players get killed right in front of them with sniper fire and me hammering the area with bullets. Sometimes, as a player, you have to "get a clue" that some areas are off-limits because they’re locked down by enemy overwatch.

Just my opinion, I wasn’t there so I can’t properly assess, I can only half-ass-ess. :slight_smile: Seemed to be fun either way.


At one point [user avatar=“” name=“Lastmikoi”]17128302[/user] had to shush me from laughter. Also mate, I think I’ve solved the feedback issue. Sorry about that.