COOP: Operation Dead Weight Part II

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Another awesome operation to finish off Operation Dead Weight :cool: Before starting the mission we had a briefing that also gave us optional objectives to complete. As our mission was to also boost the reputation of TFN as in part 1 of the mission, a series of civilian deaths connected to TFN Ops caused local outrage. Blodos’ fault lol
We had a few tasks to try and complete whilst capturing hostile bases. One of the tasks was to get a picture of somone firing over a vehicle bonnet while holding a sponsored weapon (Image in link). Our objectives all went smoothly apart from a few instances where land mines being tripped by suicidal hostiles :LOL: Big thank you to Demzee for Zuesing! Also thank you to Berenton for leading us through the operation, Welshy for being part of ‘team medic’ with me & Blodos for the good comms and support throughout the objectives!.

Laney is a better medic than Welshy

I think the second part of Dead Weight went pretty well as we completed all the main objectives and most of the secondary ones. I really enjoyed the opp and it was a nice surprise to get access to all the main weapons and be able to call in for transport when we needed it. I also found it funny that the celebrity miss was a man but, I’m not one to judge