Coop - Operation Dark Crusade - Mission 3

Map: Winter Panthera
Time: 0600
Weather: Thick Fog
Host: [user avatar=“” name=“Arba”]17914993[/user]

The world has changed. In 2021, China’s economy crashed and the Western markets followed. Millions found themselves without the basics they had lived with for years. Austerity ran rampant. In 2023, Oil wells in the Middle East and the US ran dry. Within six months, every nation in the world was in a desperate struggle to hold onto anything they could get their hands on. High tensions and economic instability forced the UK back into the fold of the EU, which was now vying to become a federal superpower on par with Russia and the US. In 2026, China was forced to launch an unprecedented and desperate invasion on Russian soil, in an attempt to grab what little reserves remained to quell the uprisings happening internally. The Russians, surprised and without much mechanized help, were pushed back quickly and effectively by the Chinese. Within 4 months, Russian Leaders were in conference rooms in Brussels, brokering an alliance that would help their country survive. The EU agreed knowing that Russia could be used as a barrier country for their own defense, at the cost of souring relations with the US. It’s been three years since that deal was made and the US and the re-branded European Federation have been fighting proxy wars across the globe to secure any and all remaining resources. Two months ago, a survey team on the Isle of Panthera discovered a huge well of oil far below the surface and every major power has their eyes firmly set upon it.


I Situation:

The Americans were dug in harder than we anticipated. Our initial success earned us little reward as we hit their second battle line and we have since fallen back. Our forces have dug in and plans for a second attack are already in motion. Task Force Noctem, having succeeded in the capture of the Rubina Islands, setup FOB DIEM and are now tasked with insertion behind the American lines to break the encirclement of the French 23rd Airborne Brigade. The Germans will use the 1st Panzer Division to launch a diversion assault on the Eastern flank, drawing away large numbers of the American forces. The British will also provide a diversionary attack on the Western flank, aiming to ensure that the Americans cannot concentrate at any point. If the prevailing weather conditions falter, as expected, our forces will be ready to launch the coordinated attack at 0600 21st December 2030.

Friendly Forces:

[] Task Force Noctem
] 23rd Airborne Brigade


[] 1x MSE-3 Madrid
] 2x FV-720 Mora
[] 3x Strider
] 2x Strider HMG
[] 2x WY-55 Hellcat (Unarmed)
] 1x WY-55 Hellcat (Armed)
[] 3x CH-49 Mohawk
] 3x A-143 Buzzard (CAS)
[] 1x A-149 Gryphon
] Quadbikes (for use by pilots for on-base transport)
[] Transport lorries (for use by base personel)
] Ammo, fuel, and repair lorries

Enemy Forces:

[*] US Army


[*] Unknown

II Mission:

[] Break the encirclement of the French 23rd Airborne Brigade
] Assault the airbase at OBJ Daguet

III Execution:

Commander’s intent

[*] Perform a swift attack on enemy positions while minimising friendly and civilian casulties.[/list][/indent]

Movement Plan

[*] Decided by PLT [/list][/indent]

IV Administration / Logistics:


[*] Resupply by air on PLTs request.[/list][/indent]


[] At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in a vehicle of PLTs choosing
] Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO[/list][/indent]

Area of Operations:

3 questions:

  • Where is our FOB relative to the 23rd Airborne’s position ?
  • What do the purple arrows mean ?
  • Do we have to organize the evacuation of the 23rd Airborne at LZ Liberty ?
  • Rubina Islands airfield, NW corner of the map
  • Directions from which the enemy has been engaging 23rd Airborne
  • No, they will remain at their position. Although, they will have to be evacuated if you fail to fulfill your mission

How are we going to get the ground vehicles over there?
Where does the friendly-controlled zone end?

Airsling with Mohawk, if you can.

My plan:

Basic working:
Use infantry mainly to clear buildings and spot targets
Use the aircraft/IFV to destroy most targets.

Phase 1:
Airlift infantry to and LZ on the main island (pray to the almighty zeus that he may move the mora’s onto the mainland for us)
Depending on enemy location use ground transport or heli-transport to move infantry up to the dismount marker (beginning of the blue line)
Use aircraft as a means of scouting+ establish air superiority
Move DMT/IFV to Dagger/DMT marker

Phase 2:
Engage all possible targets with the IFV and aircraft
Infantry move from the high ground to objective Liberty and secure the objective

Phase 3:
2 scenarios depending on the progress during the initial attack:

  1. Use the momentum from the initial attack to attack via route 1
  2. Fall back and attack using route 2

Required assets:
At least 1 infantry squad
1-2 Jets
1 Dagger OR DMT
1 Helo crew (armed chopper+transport)

Additional useful assets:
additional infantry

Just to clarify, Churizo. You wish to land at the Arnoldstein airfield and then continue on foot?

No, ground vehicles or even an lz at the beginning of the blue line, depending on how secure the terrain is

You already have a designated landing zone, as stated on the map and in the situation. You are tasked with inserting behind enemy lines using the cover of the fog, not assaulting the enemy lines.

Then what’s the point of any armoured ground vehicles?? None of them can get there…
And where exactly are our main lines then if we are meant to be breaking an encirclement?
Also please make it clear that we are to land at LZliberty in the opord next time

Don’t yell at me :frowning:
Should have posted the map sooner to avoid the confusion.
Point of the vehicles is to use them, if you can airlift them there. If you can’t, well, then you’ll have to make do.

I’m sorry Arba, been having a rough day…
Aight will make a new plan

I still love you


1)Air superiority: 1 or 2 jets
Establish air superiority
Gather intelligence

2)Airdrop in units:
Establish defensive positions (5 positions) marked on the map
Platoon makes a plan according to amount of enemies at a location

Infantry squads
Reaper (1 or 2)

Just to clarify, of the vehicle assets available, only the Humvee can be sling loaded by a mohawk.

Churizo, when you say airdrop, do you mean paradrop or heli insertion? I don’t know what the terrain is like out there, but if it’s as wooded as it looks on the map we might want to consider fastroping rather than trying to land

Landing or fastroping but landing should work

23rd Airborne assured us that there is enough space to safely land the helicopters. You might come under small arms fire, but HQ is confident in the TFNs abilities to not die. Just don’t let [user avatar=“” name=“Henrik”]8061610[/user] exit first.

Weather is saying thick fog. Don’t think Air Superiority is going to help us on the ground at all.

Air superiority is always good, you can track vehicles on the ground using radar and infantry can laser-designate other threats
Air superiority also deprives the enemy of any reinforcements through air/ using CAS of their own
Also visibility increases with altitude
–> air support is always a good asset

EDIT: just tested with 75% fog, jets still have quite good visibility from the air and can still detect armoured targets using radar very easily

Yes, fog is thick as it’s early in the morning. That does not mean that fog will not dissipate later in the day.