Coop Operation Dark Crusade Mission 2

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Oh boy

Go Bravo

Thanks for the mission Highway, it was very nice. It wasn’t extremely intense for Dagger but it looked like the infantry had a ton of fighting. I had fun still.

Even though this was probably one of the most successful missions for a Dagger element I think there’s was a lot of things we could have done better.

I think we all did a good job, but for me the commands were just too casual for an IFV crew. I’d like if we had used more phraseology in the vehicle like "Driver orient" and speed n’ turn commands as "full, half and quarter". As the driver I felt like I sometimes missunderstood what was happening or what Xerses wanted me to do as I was mainly looking out of a mailbox in engagements. I also think the bad coms between us helped with putting Olivia on her side in a ditch. It’s something we should all brush up on before we jump into Dagger next time I guess.

Also I’m pretty sure that we were quite lucky not to get destroyed since we very rarely operated with infantry to cover us. Most of the time we were set on the opposite side of friendlies and if Highway had been harsher with the AT or armour we would have been done quite quickly.

Something that confused me in the mission as well was that we suddenly stole an A-10 within the first 20 minutes of finding it. To me that makes no sense if we’re trying to replicate realistic combat.

At last I’ll rant a bit about the friendly AI. <3

To me it’s impossible to operate like this with friendly AI. I don’t know how much Highway role played as them on the radio, but I never heard a thing about what was happening with them or if they had cleared their objective from my leader.

I kinda expected their mission to go flawlessly and be a quick excuse for us not to deal with Lion for time purposes, but Dagger was suddenly engaged from Lion quite far into the mission and from looking at the CNTR the AI didn’t even make a try to attack Lion before an hour of the op had passed. I guess that was to help fps but why then have them there in the first place? They just helped to confuse the situation for me instead. I really think the mission had been even better without them.

Thanks for the mission though and thanks for great teamplay to everybody who attended <3.

I’m gonna start of by saying thanks to highway for this mission, it is one of my favorite type of missions, I personally love having a lot of assets to use outside of infantry and this mission did that perfectly.


However I’m gonna have to repeat what I said during debrief in that for some reason I notice that some people tend to ignore assets quite often, I had people tell me that if they saw a target they would rather kill it themselves and someone else told me they didn’t even know we had jets available! This combined with the mistakes that happened early on in the mission were the reason we lost 90% of our force in the first hour.

I would once again urge commanders to use support assets, whether it be artillery, CAS or tanks as often as you can. Neglecting assets leads to the death of you infantry units.

Last thing I would like to say is that Alpha and Bravo should have just stayed where they spawned until the aircraft softened up the defenses. You tried to do a D-Day landing and it ended with Omaha beach…

Can you link your intro here Highway? Didn’t see it.

Videos linked here

Thanks and … imressive :shock:

What can I say, with such an audience I had to look fabulous.
<Insert inappropriate dick joke about where the minigun is pointing from>

My PoV as Alpha 2 AAR: