Coop - Operation Black Viking

Leave your thoughts here! Thank you for playing!

From Zues’ Perspective -

  • Couldn’t contact PLT a few times on Long range, Unsure what was causing this.
  • AI became uncontrollable as soon as they started engaging the Helicopter this caused me a few issues

Really nice missions. Coms could have been a bit better but I had fun :smiley:

Also, I am the best driver!


I have personal feeling (about ops generally) like, the seriousness of ops went from two years ago from 20% mess around and 80% serious op to the opposite side to 80% mess around and 20% seriousness.

What I saw last 2 operations was constant bunching up of all the squad on place 4x4 meters and some personal spacing non existent. Unneccessary risking and revealing our positions like Zeus can not send units.

It s nice to say everybody did greate job but when you miss football gate by 20 meters, it should be said it could be better instead nice try =>(which means) it s ok and we do play like this always.

Generally, like team, we do have some play style and it s deteriorating. It s not about training but how do we play always. And it is about every single person on the operation what makes the team gamestyle.

The two last missions were very cool done, today one could be longer as is Friday… but the execution and seriousness, personal responsibility, could be on higher level. 3-4 serious ppl from leadership does not save it.

Now I have the pessimistic perception in the way: grab beer, dont care and whatever happens, happens.

We have zilion rules but in game just disregard… simple wedge formation, spacing of FTs, personal spacing, 360*, fire discipline, passing info… maybe not everybody likes the mess, so like FTL or SL watch the discipline and dont let the gamestyle of CNTO fall to casual beer games from where it was some time ago (but, maybe it s just me…).

To be supernice to everybody is great thing untill it s beyond the moment when we are not even able to run in proper wedge or check spacing on shacktac - that is just pure disregard of basics. And if somebody from leadership is trying but nobody cares it can be really frustrating.

Somewhere it would be said: Get your shit together and fallow the f* SOPs as you learnt.

I enjoyed the mission Laney. Thank you very much.
Unfortunately I do agree with Mother. I feel like every time it’s the same people that are disregarding the in game rules and it’s really starting to show. I have been giving warnings lately but for some reason I have to repeat myself every mission. And to be fair I am done with giving warnings to people every time.
I hope everyone reads Mothers post and starts thinking logically and not running around like a headless chicken. Following our training, think logically and play like we set out to play.

The long range issue was annoying and I feel like we might have to up the connectivity of them.
The AI issue is also very annoying but it’s hard to say if it became worse since LAMBS or if this is ARMA messing with the AI.

Not mentioning last opp since its been discussed quite a bit I do Agree with Mother there has been more messing around than before drunk or not and we are even not doing 360 setups that much for example when disembarking from a heli, im not saying it doesnt happen all the time but it is becoming more frequant at least what ive been seeing and the other things that mother has said the question is what can we do about it.