COOP: Operation Bail Out

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Map: Lybor
Time: 05:00
Weather: Cloudy Sunrise
Host: @Sagu
DLC Required: None


I Situation

Our Livonian friends are currently licking wounds after their last encounter with the Russian VDV. They were able to hold, however, they were cut-off and need to be rescued. Your job is to push to the town of Miro and save our allies. Our lines were breached, there’s only enemy between You and the allied elements.

Friendly Forces

  • Polish Mechanized Forces
  • Platoon, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Dagger, Sword, ENG, DMT
  • We have air superiority, however due to FPV drone threat you were equipped with a short range drone jammer
  • Friendly Livonian elements in the village of Miro. Their remaining strength is unknown.
  • Friendly elements are occupying an industrial zone in the East


  • 1x Rosomak APC - 11 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x commander, 8x pax - callsign “DAGGER”
  • 1x M1A2 SEPv3 - 3 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 1x commander - callsign “SWORD”
  • 1x Mobile Jammer (M1152A1) - 3 seats: 1x driver, 2x pax
  • 1x M1045A2 + TOW - 5 seats: 1x driver, 1x gunner, 3x pax

The resources are finite, their loss means bringing out the reserves.

Enemy Forces

  • Russian Armed Forces (RAF)
  • Enemy forces have one company in the field and a few platoons of VDV and mechanized infantry on standby
  • Enemy is expected to occupy Kadeny, Kinney, Rumi, local power station and likely the surrounding area
  • Enemy is equipped with small arms, AT launchers and sniper rifles
  • Enemy forces consist of: Forward Scouting Elements, Fortified Infantry, Tanks, APCs, Static Weapons and small UAVs
  • Enemy is expected to harass you with sniper fire and kamikaze drone attacks


  • No CIVPOP in the AO, they were evacuated by the Livonian Army

II Mission

You are tasked with carving a path to Miro, securing the town and surrounding area until friendly units are evacuated. Livonian forces must be evacuated to the industrial zone South East of Leno. Ensure the path to Miro stays clear. Repeal any counter-attacks and wipe out as many enemies as you can.

III Execution

Commander’s Intent

  • Secure a safe path to Miro, secure the town and perimeter, evacuate the wounded friendlies to industrial zone South East of Leno
  • Ensure the path from Miro to the industrial zone stays clear, repeal any counter-attacks
  • Mission is considered successful when Livonian forces arrive back at base and enemy forces are in full retreat
  • You are free to engage the enemy at will


  • Infantry - Scouting, securing towns and objectives. Covering the mechanized elements.
  • Engineers - Upkeep and repair of vehicles. Protecting the jammer. Ensuring the elements are safe from FPV drones.
  • Dagger - Rosomak crew. Amphibious vehicle. Protect, cover and transport infantry.
  • Sword - Abrams crew. Protecting the infantry, dealing with armored threats.

Movement Plan

  • Movement is determined by PLT.
  • Slow, calculated movement is advised, enemy is known to utilize recon elements and ambush tactics.
  • M1152A1 equipped with a jammer should be kept close to friendly elements to shield them from kamikaze drone attacks.
  • Forests and other forms of concealment should be utilized to avoid Russian UAVs.
  • Rosomak APC can be used to cross pools of water, however, a sturdy bridge is required for M1A2 SEP v3.
  • IEDs and minefields are not present, however, Russians most likely setup ambushes in killzones along the main road.

Fire Support

  • None

Optional Tasks

  • Find and destroy enemy FPV drone factory in the field. Location is unknown for the time being. Maybe you can track the drones to the point of origin?
  • Secure Leno if needed

IV Administration / Logistics

  • POWs not expected


  • Resupply available at starting point


  • Reinsertions will be on the hour every hour and be adhered to strictly, no deviation is allowed.
  • Reinsertions are the same for all, including vehicles teams.
  • Platoon Commander has a one time reinsertion wild card at his disposal, call this in through HQ.
  • At predesignated times, reinforcements will be sent out of the base in the smallest transport vehicle which can hold reinforcements.
  • At predesignated times, an air transport will be sent out to pick up reinforcements from the base.
  • At predesignated times, an armed escort vehicle will be sent out to escort reinforcements from the base.
  • Upon insertion to the AO, reinforcements should stick together until regrouping with the main force in the AO.

CNTR: CNTR - Carpe Noctem Tactical Recap
Stats: Grafana

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First off I’d like to thank everyone for participating and Sagu for hosting. OP was hard and despite knowing it would be hard I dont think many of us very ready or expecting things to play out like they did. I certainly wasnt and I was in the Platoon lead role.

I dont like to make excuses but I’ll just say this since people had complaints/snarky remarks during the OP - I am not a military person, i play Arma because i like mil-sim games, I have never had military training of any sort. So I always appreciate suggestions during the planning stage, and when someone has an idea or wants do something different I try to accommodate them. If you are given an order you disagree with and think its wrong, it would be great to already know at the planning stage or anytime during downtime/breaks and not when we’re getting shot at.

For my part I’d also like to apologize if I angered or mistreated anyone. I know I took a jab at Hateboarder at the debrief because I perceived at the time what he said as insulting though he didnt mean it that way.

Now after reviewing the CNTR footage and doing some reflection here is my wall of text:

I believe or initial approach was the right one, we avoided the heavily defended town and took the highground which gave us good eyes on objective sunshine and mouse. What we did not anticipate was the enemies engaging us very early and the BTR-80a having sights on everything. It spotted alpha first, alpha reported its position and i relayed that info to our armored elements. At this point Alpha was also taking fire from drones, which judging from the CNTR arrived by flying very close and i would say within the jamming range of our HMMV, yet were not affected.

Despite the location of the BTR being known, both Dagger and Sword did not manage to effectively spot and engage it. Now i do not wish to blame them at all since the terrain just didnt favor us. The AI spotted and shot us through the trees, damaged Swords optics and destroyed Dagger. As platoon we tried to assist with the TOW Humvee but it also got destroyed by an ATGM effectively removing all of our long range AT capability. At this point we were stuck, we lost half of alpha and half of our vehicles. Sword was constantly getting repaired only to be damaged again by random RPGs or the BTR. To remedy the situation i requested emergency reinsert and ordered Sword to go up the same path Alpha and Dagger initially had taken in the hopes of avoiding the constant fire that was hitting them and get better eyes on the enemy, only to be harassed again since new EI came from the same area that Alpha once cleared. Only when Dagger returned with reinforcements we manged to destroy the BTR-80a and alpha could push in and finally start clearing the town backed up my sword and dagger behind them.

This resulted in the first objective taking us 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Moving on to the second town we were in convoy order with Sword being tasked to lead the way and stop & engage any enemy armor until we got close enough for the infantry to move in and start clearing. Unfortunately, the enemy tanks spotted Sword first and destroyed it, afaik the thermals on Sword failed to reveal any enemy tanks. This resulted in dagger and half of alpha getting blown up shortly after, leaving us again in the same situation we had in the first town. All survivors we’re called back to regroup and sit tight until reinforcements arrived.

Once reinforced, again similar to the 1st town, alpha was sent up along with dagger to take the highground to spot & engage the enemy, while sword went along the road to clear the enemy tanks while being covered by alpha & dagger in the overwatch position. This time things went a bit smoother since there was no enemy autocannons lighting us up, but we still had some stiff resistance, at some point Sword got disabled and had to be repaired but they successfully dealt with some of the armor that was blocking our way. The rest was handled by dagger & alpha which procured an ATGM of their own and successfully cleared the town with minimal casualties.

3rd objective was the village of Rumi, which I made a mistake to not order Alpha & Dagger to hold in vicinity of our Jammer and wait for Sword to get repaired. During their push dagger got hit by a suicide drone and then got arma’d. This left us without transport and we had to steal a Ural. Alpha handled the objective well and Sword also caught up to support them along with Platoon. Despite the loss of Dagger, it was still an improvement overall compared to the Towns 1 & 2.

We continued to objective 4 and Alpha was ordered to “overwatch 3” to get eyes on the power station. Sword followed Alpha despite not being told so, which i did not call out at the time thinking it wouldnt be much of an issue. This as it turns out was a wrong call. It would also be good to point out at this point that we had a lot of communication issues with Sword. I assume because the tank itself was very loud so its hard to hear, and I also assume that my voice / mic quality might not be best. Whatever the case may be, Sword did not have good eyes from the overwatch position and could provide little to no fire support. The enemy BTR drove up to us uncontested, and had to be dealt with by alpha. The power station itself was cleared thanks to a good HIMARS call my Mattdogs.

Last objective was to hold the town of Miro while friendlies evacuated and this objective went with the least amount of issues. Sword did a great job at destroying the incoming threats and hold, while the rest was handled by Alpha. We did end up loosing Sword at the end because they were a bit exposed and amount of enemies coming in at the end was just too great. But it was good enough to buy us enough time for Dagger to arrive and evacuate us for a mission success.

My main takeaway from all of this, is that we did not need a tank. I would’ve rather had an additional Infantry squad and definitely MAT of some kind. In addition, more and earlier access to artillery support would have been great. IIRC Himars strikes were only granted after the first two objectives were completed. But its worth proved to be imesaureable. For myself I have learned a lot from this OP and I will try to utilize from this experience as much as I can. Once again thanks to everyone for sticking it to the end even when things looked bleak.


Thanks for leading @Volken!

Btw, we did manage to repair the tracks of Sword at the end and make it out of there :smile:

The comms problem of sword was caused partly by everything being a bit loud, but even more by us having weird issues where we heard every radio channel in the vehicle at the same time, which meant there was a lot of overlapping voices constantly. Towards the end we did manage to fix it a bit though.

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