COOP: Operation Angry Babushka

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I really appreciated the "punishment" for not setting up a proper 360 in the end!
Thanks for a good OP.

Really enjoyed this op [user avatar=“” name=“Shadisica”]19944121[/user] . I liked the way the enemies engaged us (patrols if they didn’t know where we were, QRF if they did) and how they were positioned in their bases. Also their equipment was well balanced against what we had available.

Also, I really enjoyed how we performed overall in the op. I hope red team had a good time, since they were mostly on OW in GAZs (something I like, but it’s not for everyone). Red team did amazing on OW - for example (discounting their attempted FF in the final town) they managed to literally kill everyone in that final town before we got to them. We killed 3-4 guys on the far east side before entering, and the rest we just walked through seeing corpes everywhere before we assaulted the base.

However, there were 2 instances where our performance was not good, and it’s a recurring theme so I’m bringing it up again :smiley: It was after we cleared each objective.
We stayed way too long on each objective after clearing it. This is not just an issue with lead(s), but also everyone else. As soon as the "all clear" is giving on an objective people start to lose focus. Orders were not being followed, or had to be repeated multiple times and comms broke down several times. As a result it took us way too long to demolish the enemy equipment in each base and we (thankfully) got punished for it both times.

On the first objective yellow team had destroyed the SAM and radar and was off the objective within 2 minutes of the "all clear". Red team was still on there 1.5 minutes later to destroy the ZU and humvees (delayed because they wanted to confirm they wouldn’t friendly fire and comms were busy). As a result they got (close to getting?) hit by an artillery barrage. An artillery barrage which was very predictable due to the 2nd objective being an artillery base, and the enemy artillery literally firing flares above the objectives several times before. If everyone (leads but definitely also others) had felt a bit more urgency to move off the objective we could’ve all been out a minute earlier and mitigate the risks. I don’t think we took casualties here, but it was close.

The second and last objective we stayed on there for ages. Even though the threat of artillery was (presumably) gone, since we’d just destroyed an artillery base, we were deep within enemy lines. I forgot to record this part, but CNTR does have it. After we cleared the base it took 6 minutes for us to destroy the first artillery piece there. By this time a SF team had already destroyed one of Red’s OW vehicles and and a second force was about to hit Yellow from the east town. Most people acted as if the op had ended already, even though our extract was over 10 minutes out. Thankfully Shad didn’t just have us sit around 10 minutes doing nothing until the end (as we have done in many other ops).

Oh yeah, at the SAM site I sat there looking at you guys with the artillery UI open for a good few minutes going through it in my head "Would this be too harsh? They’ve sat there for like 10 minutes now. Respawns in 45 minutes, that would be too much. They’re really in no rush. I should kill them all god damnit."

The SF at the end were put there mostly because those mean GMGs had been killing all of my little Iranians and I wanted some revenge. I always underestimate how effective an automatic grenade launcher is.

Clarke was actually feeling the SF sneaking up on the GAZ, and had me go out to try look for them.
Just missed them.