Coop - Op. Gryphon

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We had some technical issues this op, but those aren’t as important to me. What mainly bothered me is how bad we played assaulting the final base.

Baegel said afterwards that it wasn’t intended for the enemies to be constantly using grenade launchers at us, but we still could’ve done that assault much, much better.

First, at fist contact, almost everybody (including me for about 20 seconds) started treating themselves either in the open, or behind cover which did nothing against grenades.
These two pictures are 5 seconds apart as I run towards the front. 7 people are treating themselves or others, while only 2 (striped underneath them) are providing security. 1 is unconscious and the other 2-3 are out of sight from me (idk what they did).

Meanwhile, there were enemies out in the open not 50 meters away firing bullets at us (I still can’t find the GL guy on my recording).

Within a minute of first grenade contact Arba (plt) called for everyone to get inside the dome and treat wounds there (since outside we were taking them faster than we were patching them). However, a minute later it was still only me and Arba in there and it took several more minutes for all of (remaining) Alpha to also get inside.

Once inside, only 1 person was constantly watching a door. The rest kept looting bodies for medical supplies (WHY btw, since medics have plenty of bandages to go around which you can always take from backpacks???) and ammo, or they were "helping" medics patch up wounds (which were already tourniqued mostly). As a result, multiple times enemies came through one of the doors which wasn’t covered (or not from the right angle), causing amongst others for Aether to go down.

Then we got reinserts and once everyone was patched up we continued through the base. There were some enemies clipping from inside of unopenable containers which caused some wounded. Shortly after the GL’s started firing again which should’ve by now caused people to come back inside and treat wounded there. Instead, most wounded were treated outside (3 ppl down with 3 ppl helping them), with NOBODY providing security. So [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user] will have to tell me, but I think it was at most 4-5 AI that managed to kill the last 13 of us within a minute (when 6-7 were still up).

This really comes down to: Only treat people in secured areas and always have people providing 360 or covering entrances.
We took more wounds trying to treat wounds than while actually trying to kill the enemy.
Sometimes we have to cut losses to prevent more. If someone is unconscious in a field where grenade rounds are landing every 10 seconds, it is not worth getting them out or treating them until you’ve dealt with the GL. You will just get yourself killed together with whoever was down already.

If people want to I can upload the whole sequence, but it’s 18 minutes long with mostly me treating wounded, so not very interesting to watch.