Coop - On The Run

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because of :slight_smile:

Otherwise great mission, though I think the GM(s) should have punished the fairly dumb player decision to spend ~20 (?) minutes just resupplying and setting up a convoy on a road directly next to the objective that was just blown up. Maybe a helicopter rocket strafe or something - I think we should have GTFO’d into the forests as soon as possible.

But, like I said, I had fun!

Very good mission! A bit chaotic at times but we were plenty busy :slight_smile:

The thing I liked the most was us being able to actually plan out two assaults and making soft contact with enemy at first (several times) before engaging them. It’s something we don’t always get the chance to do and it generally leads to better executions. Loved it, cheers for the mission Shad!

Quick feedback on the second convoy:

It’s good we pushed through (past) the contact (outpost) and then dismounted in a safe place, but all the comms to us (vic 1) from vic 3 came through long range, and I as driver was on short-range-1. Therefore everything had to get relayed through squad lead which led to me almost colliding with vic 2 when making a U-turn (I don’t know if they received the same information), and in general it being very confusing about where you needed us. There’s a reason we use a vehicle channel in convoys to avoid this confusion, so next time use it.

The ambush that killed Bravo was punishment enough, that wouldn’t have happened if the vehicles were hidden.