Coop - Oil Drink

Please post your experiences below!

I joined with the first re-insert, and joined the group with the assault on the military compound. I very much enjoyed the experiences within the village, having the large numbers of enemies coming from all directions was great, and very intense as we were having to cover all angles. The end of the mission was quite slow (as we cleared the final area) but other than that enjoyed the mission.

I was there from the beggining and I must say that enemies shooting at you while briefing is not the thing you’d expect but I enjoyed the shit out of the mission. It was well made, the enemies coming from multiple places were good challenge since we had to scan every direction constantly(almost) to not get shot. Also enjoyed playing with my fireteam(Alpha-1). It felt like we were going everywhere as the first unit(someone’s gotta do it right? :slight_smile: ) but in my opinion we were deadly effective. Killed a lot of hostiles, had very little loss in people(like 4 throughout the mission), we had great tactical awarness and in overall didn’t have any trouble with anything. The end of the mission was indeed slow. we could’ve done that a lot faster and while it slowed down at 23:30 or so I lost some of my focus(for example at final building clearing it took me about 2 seconds to realise that there’s actualy a man aiming right at me 10m away. But all in all great mission 10/10.

P.S. I’ve recorded it and set it to non-public on YT. Should be up today around evening. Imma send you guys a link when it’s live.

My internet decided to fizzle out and go off for the entire duration of the mission and then came back to life around the time that everyone was logging off. I was really looking forward to this op. Thanks BREXIT.

The frame rate was a bit slow throughout the mission and Im pretty sure that all the civilians you wanted us to look out for were dead long before we arrived but this was definitely a fun mission.

Being surrounded 90% of the time and having to come up with ways to manoeuvre within/out of the encirclement was a lot of fun and challenging in a good way.

that was my perspective :slight_smile:

Thanks for finding a bug in the loadouts nobody noticed before - the AT having a 100rnd box instead of 5.56mm magazine:

Should be fixed this weekend.

I was confused with that box hanging there in my vest but i thought it was suposed to be like that for this mission