Coop - Oil Drink Part 2

Please leave feedback for this OP.

As requested by MM team members, for some slightly more structured feedback add what you would like but also try to answer the following questions:

  • How were the weapons? Any issues?
  • Did you like the assets provided? (Vehicles)
  • Did combined arms improve the gameplay or detract from it?
  • Did you like the enemy and its attack intensity?
  • What about enemies composition (enough of a mix between tanks, infantry, IFVs, APC)?
  • How was the AI?
  • How was the overall pacing for you? Were there alot of boring lulls?
  • Was the OPORD descriptive enough or would you have expected something more in there?
  • Was the landscpe interesting? Were the tools provided useful in the landscape?
  • Leaders, were the tactical aspects fun?
  • How did you like the mission idea overall?
  • What do you think made the mission good or bad experience for you?

Not a fan of the M16’s personally.
Mission was generally fun, but I felt like the AI was very simplistic. Died very easily and didn’t cause really too many problems unless they were in heavy armour. I also felt like there was maybe a little TOO many vehicles.

Intel from the mission!!

Not a fan of M16 either. I hate that I have no full auto option. It’s really useful sometimes.
Eehh… they were fine.
Combined arms? Only enemies had some. Yes I enjoyed it. It’s nice to feel worthless towards a machine sometimes :slight_smile:
I’d like to see enemies attacking more often as there was tons of occasions to surprise
Good composition
I died 3 times so it’s hard to say… I felt bored at the times but I usualy feel bored when I die a lot.
It was simple mission so it was enough
Landscape was interesting but we haven’t used whole potential of it. And what tools? you mean feet and gunz? :slight_smile:
Cooperation between teams was bad at the moments and some people didn’t really followed the orders but overall it was fine.
It was very simple… Go in, kill everyone and then run in a cinematic way. I like more complicated stuff but it worked out fine.
Bad- Jetisoned into cosmos, died 3 times, Good-Dusty Ellis crying at dead people around him and Ozzie acting like Rambo. "I’m on adrenaline"

Yes, the mission was supposed to be much more complex, but due to technical difficulties, it didn’t happen in the end. :frowning:

I played B squad medic and had massive connection issues. First at the start and then again later on. What little I managed to play I enjoyed. On another note I heard couple of misfires before combat started. I feel that Zeus should start heavily clamping down on those. It keeps happening and would alert any enemy to players location. Main issue with it is that if mission expects players to keep moving then Zeus cannot really react to everything since that would slow the whole thing to a crawl. Still the "pre-combat misfires without enemy reaction" thing is a major immersion killer for me.

  • Weapons were ok. I would prefer something with a longer barrel in these ranges but the AR-15 works fine.
  • Vehicles were nice and simple to use for convoy. 2 transport trucks and 1 Humvee with M2 for lead.
  • No combined arms on this one as far as I played.
  • I liked the few firefights I saw. Although wouldn’t have expected team of enemies to keep advancing on 3 squads on defensive but they weren’t organised military as far as I saw so its ok.
  • Pacing was good. Main issue here is that Zeus cannot really dictate pacing too much in a mission where players are expected to travel large distances.
  • Lack of clear-cut mission in the OPORD irked. It might be a good way to let platoon commander create plan in a situation where they are cut off. Still when there are battlelines, friendly units and no chaos it seems unlikely that there wouldn’t be a clear mission in OPORD.
  • Loved the landscape.
  • Pass
  • I liked the overall mission
  • My ISP made the mission a bad experience for me.

I was only joking about the whole Rambo thing. I got killed when I moved into the moque which seemed to be the logical next move as I had cleared all the rooftops. I think I was pretty cautious through most of the operation. I didn’t die until 15mins from the end…and then again 5mins later when I through all my smokes followed by a hand grenade as I was trying to escape the jets…idiot.

I’ll answer the MMT questions later, but initial thoughts are that it was a great mission but comms were all over the place and everything was hectic as hell. Partly this was due to the type of mission which was great, but some of it was just general issues, particularly when it came to convoys.

I have said it many times but I would rather we have a dedicated PLT Lead, ASL & BSL rather than have anyone try and do double duty. It causes me issues when I try and do it as it does others. I would rather we lose a couple of bodies from FTs instead. They always get filled with latecomers anyway. I think this also has big effect on player enjoyment, as leaders are more doing a job rather than having fun which increases leader burnout (A problem I have had recently). If they only have one job to do our leaders would last longer.

The question is would we rather have leaders or an extra FT? Personally I would always choose leaders first as IMHO this is far more important to everyones overall experience.

Oh and the amount of DCs and Battleeye Kicks and random bug deaths were a big problem in this event.

Weapons-wise I enjoyed mine, but then who doesn’t like an M60. It’s a very efficient gun in the MMG role, especially at the longer ranges.
I liked the assets we had, the vehicles were pretty decent, though as always with the trucks we took a while to get in and out. I also liked having mortar support, though we barely used it.
Most of the time it hardly felt like the enemy were doing any sort of attacking (except at the end, I guess). The one time a FT got flanked by enemies they charged into MMGs field of view and got murdered.
I liked the number of IFVs, though the enemy hardly had any combined arms work. When we faced the IFVs and HAVs they were usually alone and so the IFVs were easily picked off, while the HAV just ploughed through us. I didn’t mind the being ineffective against the HAV, I did mind it murdering all our vehicles so we had to run for 10 minutes to go get some more.
AI was pretty static. I appreciate them being in defensive positions but I feel like there should be more mobile groups that can be used as they actually would: plugging holes in defences or counter attacking.
As per usual: lulls any time we had to mount up, and especially after the HAV decided to screw our vehicles. We also were clearing stuff out, which made sense but less when we were being hurried along by command.
OPORD had no real info. I don’t mind getting briefed at the start of the mission, but I would assume we would have some sort of intel on what the mission is we were being sent in to, even if it’s just enemy presence needs to be cleared out.
The landscape was great, the hilly terrain and limited passes etc kept the action focussed and allowed MMG to get to some great overwatch and scouting positions. The only problem was the distance between places meaning convoys were mandatory. More practice needed, I think.
Overall I enjoyed the mission, though the weird door bug got me in the end and I missed out on the escape.
When there was combat it seemed to be at a pretty good pace, and the objectives felt reasonable and attainable. The overall feeling of rolling over a militia had some hard lessons mixed in and being attacked by Russians is always entertaining.

Weapons were fine, burst is all you need for clearing rooms imo. just click a lot.

Would have prefered APCs, or MRAPs to trucks. Or just multiple hummers. (but mine and bullet proof vehicles are a little more my style.)

Action was good, very intense, freghar did a great job.

There was a friendly fire incident. I tried to enter alpha 2’s compound via a building but no entrance, so I had to go around. Apha 2 had their guns out. I crossed behind them like a sensible person but there was a straggler slightly back from them in the doorway of the building we couldn’t enter from the other side, who ventilated my skull as I recieved the award for poorest timing in the world. (alpha 2 had just started firing at something, one second after I stepped around the corner to greet the barrel of a gun.)

Communication was a little shit, convoy discipline was very shit. Very important command people kept dying and leaving FTLs to try and salvage a sinking ship and coordinate with whatever was left on another frequency. Vic 1 need to realize they are convoy lead and command the convoy to halt or warn them of danger. Lead hummer just opened fire without saying anything to contacts in front and then sped off. Dissapeared down the road, leaving me in the first truck wondering where the fuck they were. We followed, assuming they were further down the road and then got the shit shot out of us by some contacts in buildings. Recovered quite well but by this point we were down a few men. Frequently recieved orders that would have gotten the guys in my fireteam or improvised element killed. for example "Move across the road" Just as a huge hoard of angry millitia ran across the road on our flank. Luckily spotted them before that happened. In future get alpha 2 to cover our blind spot. if we’d started moving sooner we would have died.
"Move to these rocks.". The path we were drawn, or any sensible path really, meant that with the elevation we could see down into the compound, and there wasn’t really any way to avoid not seeing into the compound, so I just moved us as fast as I could… It was noted that there was a MEV inside the compound. We could see it. It could see us. We got fucked, and heavily suppressed. Despite being in heavy cover, bullets kept bouncing everywhere and I got a big fat 50 calibre round in my gut.
I crashed at one point. glad I rejoined for the Great Escape.

The escape was flustered. Couldn’t communicate with anyone on the long range, since command died. Marked lots of targets, tried to warn people of danger, tanks etc from our hummer GL position. Marked them on map. Despite this, escapees routed straight through a route marked with Entrenched MEV, and HEV. Think we saved a lot of lives in the mosque with our heads-up, target marking and careful placement of grenades, but they threw it all away when they got in a hummer and sped straight towards entrenched armour and a fucking tank.

Myself, Skippy and Teddy were momentarily sad, but couldn’t go back for the survivors, because we would be torn to pieces. Besides it was their own fault. We got in the hummer and fucked off. took on an Su25 Frogfoot in a hummer and lived to tell about it. I took the wheel and floored it, giving those tanks a wide-wiiiide berth. It relentlessly chased us. Was hilarious. I desperately swerved on the roads as explosive ammo peppered it. I tried to put buildings and rocks between us and it. Meanwhile Teddy was recieving instructions, and calmly responding on the radio whilst navigating like a passive-aggressive backseat driver and skippy was sat on the gun yelling "IT’S COMMING BACK!" I told teddy to calmy (in small words) inform command what our current predicament was and to kindly get their heads out their arses whilst we tried to shake off a heavily armed russian attack plane. The FOB we were retreating to was no longer ours when we got there so we were not only getting shot at by that thing, but also getting peppered with small arms. We almost went through a minefield too. Miraculously made it to the edge of the map safely.

I found an old recording of Zeusing this OP and spent the ~6 hours to edit it. Mostly removing the boring bits, so the resulting 1 hour video is packed with fun content. If you find yourselves with nothing better to do, feel free to enjoy. :slight_smile:


(also [user avatar=“” name=“zcribe”]16558368[/user] can catch up on what he missed due to ISP issues)