Coop: Of Warlords and Majors

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Despite the waiting, I was ok with first part of the mission. 2nd part was hasty and communication intensive, I need to look into how to do it better next time as SL role is hell in that regard. One idea is that SL radio (or any radio) should emit transmission so that everyone around the receiver hear transmission is incoming. Not sure if ACRE can handle that.

Mistakes I made:

  1. even Plt planned a lot in detail (great job), SLs need to plan the tiniest details, like who will be in which car, who will put the mines in the car, who will put the crate in the car, who is convoy lead, who are drivers, etc. I did some of that, but missed a lot in the beginning. That is not Plt HQ job, details are on SL.

  2. Radio. I suggest really we use the radio less but follow the protocol with "hitman 2, this is hitman 1, message over" (Generation Kill Episode 2 Radio - YouTube). Not because we want to make it more complicated than it already is, but because of necessity. Another suggestion, if possible, radio should emit communication in near surroundings so that squad members around hear incoming transmission and stop talking. They were disciplined as possible, but they cannot be aware of this. And it is impractical for FTLs to go full protocol on SL if needed.

  3. Assault. Learn by my mistake. When Plt asks you to move to assault the objective, that doesn’t mean you’re to clear the entire village (which was not possible anyway 'cos of numbers). That important bit of info has passed me because of point 2. Just move stealthy and quickly to assault position and wait for further orders. My mistake is was to order bounding overwatch technique and we slowed it down.

One big issue is Vodnik which, in that case, should have been taken down by Bravo support. I don’t know what happened there, maybe it was out of sight or something? (UPDATE: they didn’t have LOS to Vodnik).

Message to GM. Please stop sneaking upon us - we’re not that good to recognize AI with similar outfit among us. Partially that could be the reason for team-killing.

Highlights, late as always!