Coop - ODC Part 3

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A 14 second comment on network i guess.

Excuse me for the swearing :smiley:

Really happy with Alpha. Communication over the short range was pretty good and I’m very happy that there wasn’t too much unnecessary chatter that clogged the network. FTLs Quantum and Shadisica did good work of managing their teams and keeping me updated on their situations. When they would go down, their second in commands would quickly step up and take control of the situation.

[user avatar=“” name=“Quantum”]13011722[/user] Sorry about the confusion when it came to the ressuply at the French command building. I misunderstood what PLT wanted me to do, and I passed the command in an awkward way which made you misunderstand me, which made me not understand what you were doing :slight_smile: I’m not yet used to having the role of SL, hoping I’ll improve with time.

I think that in the total mission I saw maybe two enemies which comes from me always hiding in the corner giving instructions and just being generally supressed by enemy fire. Which in a kind of a strange way made me feel like the mission is very small even though we were engaged almost 90% of the play time.

Bit dissapointed we didn’t use French armour in a more effective way when pusing on the second part of the town because that led to unnecessary casualties in Alpha and us having to retreat, but I understand that dealing with HQ and AI is very tiresome.

Good op overall even though all the white gave me a headache towards the end. Many thanks to Dachi and Skippy for Zeusing and Shiny for being a PLT.

Enjoyed the mission, [user avatar=“” name=“Baegel”]2509934[/user] is a glorious JTAC/FAC.

This morning I gathered my broken pride and went to train a bit on dodging F-22 missiles and killing them. And to my surprise the F-22’s radar missile can not miss against a Harrier (tested it both ways). The AIM-120D does not care for the flares from a Harrier. And on top of this the F-22’s radar had a range of more than 16km meaning it can use said missile from over 8km (BVR in arma3). It seems that in the previous mission the F-22 were spawned in close and as such didn’t have the chance to use those long range missiles (they have a minimal range).

I suggest that if you want to use the F-22 you give them only IR-missiles (the AIM-9X) given there is no real counterplay except pray that when it is spawned in you are in base and they don’t detect you.

[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] But it’s realistic this way, what would you expect going against F-22 in a Harrier? :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoyed the op for sure. The fog really made it that during the defense part we were mostly ducking our heads and only engaging when they got close (<300-400m), since it seemed that they were shooting from nowhere and everywhere, especially from the south-east. When I found that HMG after pushing out they couldn’t hide anymore though. Also had a weird run in with an American helicrash survivor.