Coop - ODC Part 2

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here!

Thanks Dachi! Was a really nice mission!
Was fun being part of an organized effort :slight_smile:

Taking into account the size of the mission and amount of enemies, I have to say the performance was good!

A few technical bugs though,

  • My M249 was jamming and I tried to unjam it. This wasn’t successfull and after like 10 tries, I still had my weapon acting like it was jammed. Gave my weapon to other people and they could use it properly.
  • There was an enemy unconscious but was still firing his LMG full auto with not even his finger at the trigger (he was laying down nicely as he should…)

Was fun to join after a good time of not playing, wasn’t expecting it to be this good and fun though :slight_smile: So props to you! Thanks!