Coop - Nuclear Football

Post your feedback, stories and videos. I hope you all enjoyed the mission :slight_smile:


Just going to reiterate here:
Great first mission! There were some nice unknown factors, the setting felt fairly realistic in the sense that we were probably the nearest unit to respond to this maniac, and you restrained yourself and didn’t use the nuke.

I’m also glad you didn’t force any more combat after we were done at the Russian extraction point. It was non-stop action up to that point and it justified ending it a bit early. Again, a good sign of restraint.

I think you’ll be a great addition to MMT going forwards if you keep this up

Good first mission.

My advice is: decide beforehand what kind of tactics you want us to use and build around it. I had an impression this mission is about VIP capture meaning we have to be stealthy and sneaky. However reality was we were fighting total war against armored opposition in plain daylight.

Very nice op, especially for a first time its really well done.

Hey, thank you for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed. I will adjust to it in the future OPs :slight_smile:

I misjudged the number of enemies and the length of the mission I had to prepare, I will account for that.

Wanted to point out how great this op was, very fun and well balanced. A difficult thing to achieve.

I also wanted to point out the great performance in alpha, excellent listening. Good initiative, good communication. speedy execution of orders and delaying orders when necessary. Seeing performance like this makes me a proud training manager