Coop: New Finalnd

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Fun mission, going from hectic to calm and back very quickly.

Lessons learned:

  • Dont lead from Alpha with 16 players. Proper PLT also speeds up logistics which were slow (my bad)
  • Designate FAC
  • Saying “readback” after stating orders just like Air Traffic Control works
  • Ethernet cables just work better

Henrik imho did a good job!

I was Dagger Gunner for the most part. The vehicle seems to have issues with the Commander’s camera which gave Hateboarder some issues but otherwise seemed to work well enough.

I unfortunately crashed at the end when it got real intense and missed that, but otherwise it was definitely never TOO quiet, but I think as dagger I would’ve liked something a tad heavier or intense at some point in the mission, i.e. something more armored or a convoy (we did have the trucks but DGR missed it, this is not on Zeus) or maybe a horde of infantry which you can fight or hold off.

Had the nice polished mission feel still however and the littlebird in the sky was a great addition!

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