Coop - Motherland

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I enjoyed the little I played of the mission. I thought the guerilla tactics were well employed as we mostly disregarded unnecessary contacts. Overall security in the woods was good, we might have been a bit too close together at times but we still got the drop on the AI that came our way at least once.

Call me a bit of a killjoy here but I can’t really say everything went perfectly. Granted I was very pissed of yesterday because in 15 minutes of planning the only thing that the people said to me as platoon leader was "we need to take out the Comms tower first" without having spent any time listening to the actual plan, after that I switched out so berenton could take lead.

As MAT lead I had the feeling that on both the artillery and the Comms tower I didn’t really see the guerilla warfare come out. On the Comms tower I will admit that the attempt was nice but obviously the tower was indestructible. After seeing that the tower didn’t go down after 2 hits we should’ve left, instead we lingered and then decided to attack which would have given the enemy valuable time to pin us down if the GM was feeling like it.
After the attack on the AA I couldn’t help but notice that we took the same route of retreat we used to get in, ignoring the fact that we took fire while infiltrating. Bad choice given we lost half the platoon there.

All in all I think that we didn’t use guerilla tactics but we stayed mobile which is definitely a plus and a good tactic. Good leading all round (perhaps not from me I gathered) and a fun evening with MAT. Also good to MAT used to it’s full potential! Definitely something we miss on regularly

The thing that probably made this mission interesting and successful was creating two separate alpha and bravo groups that had their own medics and squad leaders. It is a good idea to fill a whole squad when we will be operating close together the entire mission and being on the same hud is useful when clearing a town and when we are in CQB. When we are operating out of vehicles and moving quickly around a relatively spaced out area then the advantages of large squads is small compared to the advantage of fitting in a single vic and having your own medic, long range radio and map marker. There is no rule for all situations. Good call on that organisation for this mission.