Coop: Mass Casualties


attempt of tactical planning:
(Note: I dont have idea where is our base - it can be on East too. So this plan, would be in any case, void.)

FUP - form up point
LOE - limit of exploration
OP - observation post
OW - overwatch

purple line - squad movement
blue and red lines - team movements

Approach AO from SW, from hills recon adjacent areas of main AO for possible threats. If none threats spotted, gather at FUP. In case of presence of enemy create plan on spot to engage and eliminate, than gather at FUP. From this area send ASQD to OP hill 27 and BSQD to hill 35. DAGER will hold OW at hill 43 near radio tower.

ASQD and BSQD will inform PL about their observations in major AO.

PL will proceed, which approach and tactic, should be use.

Armour and static weapons are main targets, if found.

If armour is in adjacent AO area or main AO, BMP can engage enemy armour by ATGM missiles on long, save, distance.

Infantery should very carefully observe and eliminate enemy AT infantery, as it presents major threat fro Medium and Light Armour.

After elimination of threats in adjacent area DAGER should move to hill 43 and provide OW for attacking inf. teams.

If situation and inf. numbers allow, attack should proceed line by line of LOE.

BMP should be well covered by infatery and stay mostly in area with good visibility and low risk of being hit by AT rockets or being Flanked from side.

On SL’s request can be DAGER called for support - but only in situation when benefits are higher than risk.

Our AT inf. should be aware of possible approaches of armoured vehicles - bridges, roads, and AR should cover possible EI entries.

If situation will be for our forces favorable and casualities will allow, our Russian forces should push in teams of 4 ideally at the same time by PL order and take ground. LOE by LOE with coordinated pushes.

In case of counter-attack, there should be marked defensive positions or RP, in case that enemy would be succesfull and forced us step back.


  • CQC - dangerous enviroment for DAGER
  • Hight apartment buildings - could be used by spotters, JTAC and snipers if not entranched to strong points
    — DAGER could be used well to supress and eliminate those if well positioned at secured or safe place


  • in similar way could be objective attacked from East (bc our HQ can be there)
  • any input welcomed as Tactical Planning is new thing for me (the plan could be bad)
  • it s attempt of CNTO tactics on PLT level

Hi Mother. Your base is indeed on the right side, about 2 Km up the main road.

Yeah, …the Murphy’s law :slight_smile: It was 50 on 50 chance.