Coop: Mass Casualties

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I just did some vehicle penetration testing with the BTR-80A. I emptied a standard russian autorifleman with PKM (7.62x54) (4 boxes) into the BTR full of passengers. All the fire was focused on one spot, and that guy in that spot got lightly wounded. 2 yellows. Then I tried vanilla CSAT autoriflman, Zafir 7.62x54. One bag into the rear passenger compartment would disable engine, make it smoke and moderately wound 2 guys. I tried some realistic busts spread as they would be in combat and one passenger actually died, but the rest; almost unharmed.
But the rounds aren’t like pissing through the vehicles like I think they might do. What did you say Mother (18447842)? - 9mm or 90mm armour? It guess it is too confidential for Wikipedia. The slightly outdated version of M113 should not be able to protect against 7.62x51 (NATO) either, but I don’t think any game ever has simulated this.

Oh and the sights and ranging for BMP-3 and BTR-80A, as said in the end brief, both work in both their own special way. It requires some learning first though. Among other: the ability to differentiate AP/Frag or HE/missile/machine gun in Russian, which isn’t obvious, and that if the rangefinder-included automated zeroing is used within minimum range or is blocked, you can set it manually with B.

Yeah, 9 mm protection was said from my side. There is a lot of versions of the BTR - generally it will be from 7 to 14mm.

BTR - 80 (dont have idea what is the slight (probably) difference in 80A model)

It s written there:
Frontal protection: 12,7mm
Sides protection: 7.62 mm



  • AP rounds increase penetration (5.56, 7.62 AP)

  • Do not have idea what was actually shooting on us - if it was the Bradley MG or the MG in city or something else.

  • If we would get hit without the armour - it could be instant dead (Arma 3 balistic)

  • It s Arma and the vehicle was bugged. With AP 7.62 rounds I would be confident to penetrate the armour on close distance - under 100m. Bigger than 7.62 will be effective well on long distances. (in reality - dont know the realistic penetrations - it can be pretty complicated and ton of info to remeber…)

What Im interested in is opinion about the attitude:

  • Agressive approach
  • Conservative approach

Do you have guys more fun when we are pushing agressively but risking or when we are conservative and slower but we can survive longer and with higher probability (maybe not even succesfully finishing, getting into, the objective) ?

For newer members, recommend to read those couple pages of CNTO guide:

it was a Ma Deuce (M2HB 50. Cal) gunner on the other side of the city on an apartment roof. I think in this one there was just a number of bugs and factors that prevented it from going smoothly and made it difficult to hold ground/ take more ground

Some nice vehicle links there Mother. I ended up reading it all.

It s now on CNTR. Those blue numbers there… I would call it "mission impossible" :slight_smile: